Sun-filled Modern Home Plan with Well-Designed Cross Hip Roof

Modern living considers contemporary home designs that highlight features most homebuyers are looking for. These characteristics include aesthetics, energy efficiency, natural lighting, and open living areas. Similarly, the connection between the exterior and interior spaces is also given high consideration. This sun-filled modern home plan satisfies the aforementioned features. Undoubtedly, you get a house that showcases beauty and comfort in every space.

Picture of Sun-filled Modern Home Plan with Well-Designed Cross Hip Roof

Features of Sun-filled Modern Home Plan

This unique design has gone to great lengths with striking and stylish exterior concepts that lend a modern touch. It is wrapped up with elements that stand unique in a combination of white, grey, and brown shades. The combination of these tones generates a cool vibe that makes the external façade enthralling. This charming residence headlines a functional elevated porch designed with grey marble tiles, well-defined square columns accented by veneer stone elements in a brown shade, and an extended hip roof that both beautifies and secures the building.

The external façade also gleams with impressive concepts. The corner-clad walls with accents of wooden planks in dark brown tones are striking and dynamic. Likewise, the slim rectangular glass doors and windows in white-painted frames, beautiful cornices, and exterior walls in plaster finish with light blue paint register an added appeal. Additionally, the darker grey tone in the base offers a contrasting appeal to the dominant soft colors of the house. However, the contrast makes the façade interesting.

Picture of Sun-filled Modern Home Plan with Well-Designed Cross Hip Roof

Furthermore, you will also appreciate the dynamic curb appeal of this house.  Perfectly designed with all the comfort and convenience of the family, this home is enveloped with numerous glass elements providing natural light – making the house airy and bright. With tons of light and air flowing freely, the inner spaces look brighter and feel comfier. Likewise, the glass panels give the family the privilege to view the beauty of the outdoor space. Additionally, they time protect the privacy of the internal rooms.

Meanwhile, the stylish cross-hip roof with grey tiles and white ceilings looks elegant as it gives protection to the house. The refined workmanship of the roof along with the spotless exterior walls in light grey paint exude grace and elegance.

Interior Design of Sun-filled Modern Home Plan

This house consists of a spacious living hall, dining room, kitchen, three bedrooms, one bathroom, and a balcony with a sitting corner in front of the house. The total usable area of the layout is approximately 95.0 square meters.

This one-storey house plan has a cozy exterior and graceful interior concept. The entry porch ushers you past the main glass door into the great room area, adorned with recessed ceilings, a chandelier, and perimeter lights. The open-plan living space is elegant in cream tone from the floor marble slabs, walls, and ceilings. In fact, the space that embraces a modern touch looks bright and feels cozy as lots of natural air and light penetrate inside.

The Great Living Room

Picture of Sun-filled Modern Home Plan with Well-Designed Cross Hip Roof

Meanwhile, the elegance of the great room extends to the bedroom and kitchen. The spaces sheen in similar tones from floor to ceiling that also look pleasant and right with lights.


Picture of Sun-filled Modern Home Plan with Well-Designed Cross Hip Roof

The Kitchen

Picture of Sun-filled Modern Home Plan with Well-Designed Cross Hip Roof


On the other hand, the bathroom also exudes grace in cream and brown colors. The space looks elegant and refreshing with the use of genuine fixtures and accessories.

Overall, this modern one-storey house screams brilliantly with beautiful aesthetics and a reasonable level of comfort.

Image Credit: Home Centric Construction & Design

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