Modern Single Storey House Plan

Single level homes offer more flexibility in designing as compared to multi-level homes. This is because combined space can serve various functions. Similarly, most single storey residences employ the use of free flowing concepts which improves mobility and accessibility.  Modern single storey house plans are the trends in housing nowadays because of lots of benefits they offer.

In fact, the following are considered to be the benefits of modern single story house plans: wider appeal, strong investments, with lower cost and easier maintenance, lower overall cost and better use of space. Moreover, the other advantages are open planning, better accessibility, easier renovations and energy-efficient.

Picture of Modern Single Storey House Plan

Description of Modern Single Storey House Plan

The design in feature is a small residential house which is best for a small family and for those having insufficient budget for construction. The unit might be small but it contains the complete elements of a home that a household can be proud of. A unit that stands in the middle of a garden lot offers lots of benefits, the most important thing of course is its being constructed in a green environment which is energy efficient.

As can be seen, the modern single storey house looks very cool and inviting. The exterior façade shines excellently with a fusion of white, cream, Aruba blue, aqua green and brown colors. In fact the blend creates a magnetic appeal that increases the overall character. The unit has a hinged glass door and glass window panels with white aluminum frames. This clever concept is factor for this house because they allow plenty of air to penetrate the interior for ventilation.

Picture of Modern Single Storey House Plan

The unit owns a spacious balcony with wooden bench and railings which burst in brown color. This space can also be a family room because it is open for air where it will be very comfortable. The terrace itself stands strong with two vertical columns and a shed roof. Meanwhile, the house stands proud with a cool shed roof in blue and white shades.

Picture of Modern Single Storey House Plan

Interior Concepts of Modern Single Storey House Plan

Interior concepts play a significant role in the overall appeal of the house. Generally, the exterior facade details and appearance will more or less define the level of the interior. Yes, they must be consistent in design and character. The balcony welcomes the house that leads to the living room through the hinged glass window. The space looks lovely  with grey marble tiles and the internal walls in pink tone.

The ceiling shines with square wooden panels in light grey color matching the color of the flooring.

Picture of Modern Single Storey House Plan

The living room looks striking with a combination of grey and pink colors. The glass door and window panels are smart concepts to ventilate the interior of the house.

Meanwhile, the averaged-size bathroom delivers a striking character as well, as it bursts in a blend of metallic burgundy and pink tones. It has the necessary fixtures.

A very simple house, yet very appealing and inviting because of the comfort that it offers.

For small families, this beautiful modern single story house is a precious investment that they will cherish forever.

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