Contemporary Style House Design

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Contemporary style house design is a representation of the present architecture. Equally, modern architecture is a style that embraces clean lines and glaring simplicity. Contemporary homes are prevalent because they have broken the frame when it comes to revising the architectural styles. Moreover, contemporary homes are often much warmer in design as compared to modern homes. Well, most of the new houses we see around are classified as either with modern or contemporary theme.

Most homeowners nowadays has the ability to pick and choose characteristics that are never-before-seen emphasis on individuality. In fact, they try to reflect their taste and personality on the unit they want to buy or build. Additionally, homeowners are free to design their homes in a way that truly identified for them. This might be the reason why contemporary style house designs seem to be sticking around for the long haul.

Contemporary style house designs offer a plentiful of benefits especially these days. In fact, energy, space and privacy are somewhat difficult to find in one residence. Thus, location, size and house type are factors to gain the benefits in one. Consequently, the modern house is an answer to gather and feel the existence of these benefits.

Picture of Contemporary Style Design

Features of Contemporary Style House Design

Presently, natural light and environmental influence are respected in house construction. Because of this, there is an increasing volume of homeowners who embrace the contemporary style house design. Consequemntly, there is certainly a need to invest on this house type to gain the benefits.

The outstanding characteristics of this residence are:

  • elevated scheme from the natural grade line allowing the house to stand taller
  • spacious floor plan that accommodates the complete elements of the house
  • inviting terrace with a flat style roof
  • comfortable living room and family hall
  • wall-sized sliding glass door and glass partition
  • glass window panels in dark brown aluminum frames
  • three generous bedrooms and two T&B’s
  • dining room and modern designed kitchen
  • exterior walls fitted with mineral plaster finish in cream tone
  • intricate exterior façade shining in a blend of cream and dark brown colors
  • refined assembly of flat roof with cream shade
  • inviting two car garage
  • fascinating driveway and walkway
  • lovely garden and landscaping


Picture of Contemporary Style House Design

Description of Contemporary Style House Design

This sophisticated contemporary style house design has a floor area of 220.0 m² in a green atmosphere. The design is an elevated scheme so it looks higher, thus, giving an additional character. The residence looks very comfortable because of the wall sized sliding glass door, fixed sidelites and partitions.  They are great medium in offering plenty of light and air.

Moreover, the steel railings in dark brown color shows power to the overall appeal of the house. The flat style roof excellently offers a touch of class. A simple garden at the front glows and delivers a pleasant feeling.


Picture of Contemporary Style House Design

The right side elevation shines with French style exterior square blocks protecting the garage. The external wall is fitted with mineral plaster finish in cream color.


Picture of Contemporary Style House Design

Meanwhile, the rear elevation sports steel railing in a dark brown shade like the front elevation. It behaves consistently as the other elevations with the external walls fitted with mineral plaster finish in cream color.


The elevated scheme looks prominent at the back with the well-defined steel railings making the house so stylish. Glass window panels are provided in the appropriate locations.


The left side view is simply an extension of the other elevations which burst with the same features.

The garden and landscaping shines and is lovely as it offers comfort to the house. The driveway and walkway are also pleasing in its grey color.

This contemporary style house design with its features offers benefits like: space is used efficiently, plenty of room for customization, more flexibility. Additionally, this residence allows you to expose your personality and lifestyle.

Lastly, it offers great importance on environmental friendliness and energy efficiency.

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