Build Your Own Home Like This Modern Design

If you want to experience the real comfort, then it should be at your own home. Absolutely, remember the saying that goes like, there is no place like home. Well, then build your own home like this one storey modern house design with fashionable characteristics.

Picture of Build Your Own Home Like This Modern Design

The present building architecture has gone too far. In fact, the complex structures and beautiful houses visible in every corner are the indicators of advancement in building design. As an illustration, consider this modern residence where you can consider to build your own home. A lovely single contemporary house, you will feel the essence of comfort and independence.

Picture of Build Your Own Home Like This Modern Design

Modern house designs aims to utilize the most effective use of space. You may want an open floor plan or a highly private layout of rooms and spaces. Nevertheless, the main concern is to have a house that looks like a contemporary home plan that generates a blend of style and function.

Picture of Build Your Own Home Like This Modern Design

Features of a Modern House Design

This article features a house design that shows an elegant exterior and equally stylish interior design. Moreover, the residence also is standing in the middle of a garden lot which offers green atmosphere. It will be great to build your own home with the incorporation of the following remarkable features that include:

  • spacious and relaxed covered terrace with separate flat roof
  • door opening composing of sliding glass door, fixed sidelites and transom
  • flexible and comfortable open concept plan for the living and dining rooms
  • modern kitchen with a bar counter for quick meal services
  • three generous bedrooms composing the private zone
  • external façade with rectangular columns finished with stack stone tiles in brown and grey colors
  • Fench-style glass windows
  • terrace flooring using refined marble tiles in brown and grey shades matching the columns
  • one assembly of hip style roof using tegula tiles with grey color
  • proposed landscaping which will support green living

Picture of Build Your Own Home Like This Modern Design

Description of a Modern House Design

A comfortable home is one unit that truly satisfies your needs. In fact, to build your own home is to fit with your style, character as well achieving comfort and freedom. Moreover, integration of your personal taste like design and materials are complimentary to your satisfaction.

The house plan in this article is a one storey modern house which could be an inspiration to build your own home. As can be seen, the stylish exterior façade defines strength and character, while the spacious interior layout offers pleasantness.

Because of the elevation of the location, the foundation of the design has to be raised at a certain level so the unit will stand a little higher. Actually, the elevation is three steps higher to also protect the house from calamities like floods. Smart idea to provide a stair with stones matching that of the terrace. The spacious terrace is designed to accommodate greater number of people. It is accentuated by rectangular columns with stack stone tiles in brown and grey colors. The terrace looks stylish by securing it by a separate flat roof in white and a center lighting.

Picture of Build Your Own Home Like This Modern Design

The exterior façade looks prominent with the following: spacious terrace with steel railings; strong pillars with stack stone tiles; wide glass windows which are great sources of plenty of light and air for ventilation of the interior; and exterior wall with mineral plaster finish painted in a combination of white, brown and orange colors.

The Interior Design and Layout

The internal space of the model plan is so spacious. The concept will be an open concept floor plan for the living spaces. From the front door, you will easily recognize a white wall painted in white. The blue curtain registers a good blend with the wall. Meanwhile, the marble tiles stamped its authority – they are elegant and attractive.

Standing next to the family hall is the sleeping zone composed of three bedrooms.  The master’s bedroom will shine with walk-in-robes, full bath and double shower. On the other hand, the secondary bedrooms will have individual walk-in-closets. Moreover, the windows of the bedrooms are with appropriate sizes; enough to absorb plenty of air to ventilate the space.

The bathroom uses genuine fixtures and accessories. The wall is painted white while, the lower portion shines with rectangular brown tiles that looks calm and inviting.

Overall, the exterior wall of this house is so eye-catching with a striking color mix. In fact, at first glance, you will notice the strength of the character because of the colors. Colors are the distinctive features of this modern residence.

Come on! Build your own home like this one storey modern house design.

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