Vacation Home Plan in Stylish Tropical House

The lifestyle of people living in urban communities is frequently stereotyped as being more hectic or in a faster pace. Whereas, this is in contrast with the lesser people living in rural settings where almost everything is taken slowly. In fact, there’s a big difference between the two surroundings especially with the level of comfort they bring in. Thus, this is why most urban people calls for a shift in spending vacations to escape the city life. Why not take a break and experience life in a vacation home plan like this featured design?

Picture of Vacation Home Plan in Stylish Tropical House

Actually, this vacation home plan in stylish tropical house can serve as a residential house of people in rural communities, or a vacation house of well to do families. It can also be a rent for house for urban residents or a reception house for family gatherings. Well, whatever purpose this may serve, the aim of providing comfort, freedom, grasp of fresh air or green environment, then this unit fits them all.

Picture of Vacation Home Plan in Stylish Tropical House

Features of Vacation Home Plan in Stylish Tropical House

The features of this vacation home plan is a combination of reinforced concrete and wood assembly. The foundation, columns and beams are concrete, while the wall panels are out of wood. The mix though forms a stable and classic unit.

To appreciate the model plan, here are the pleasing features:

  • design in elevated scheme
  • airy terraces with benches
  • spacious balcony
  • inviting hall with folding doors for events and receptions
  • two square bedrooms with identical sizes and complete amenities
  • combined dining room and kitchen
  • one unit of T&B
  • swing wooden door and glass window panels
  • artistically designed hip and flat roofs
  • beautiful garden and landscape concepts

Description of Vacation Home Plan in Stylish Tropical House

This vacation home plan in stylish troopical house is very suitable to a spacious and green garden lot. The unit stands in a lot that measures 9.0 x 11.0 meters or a total floor area of 99.0 m². The house is constructed in an elevated scheme which stands higher giving more style and character. The foundation, base and beams are in concrete, while the walls are out of wood.

Picture of Vacation Home Plan in Stylish Tropical House

As can be seen, the unit has two pleasing stairs, one to the front terrace and the other at the exit of the dining room. The terrace blows to total comfort with plenty of air from the surroundings. This leads to the expansive living room or family hall or recreation hall. Beside the hall are two identical bedrooms of 3.5 x 3.5 meters sizes and with complete fixtures. Meanwhile, the back side of the vacation home plan are the dining room, kitchen and T&B. Elsewhere, the spacious balcony with folding doors sits beside the hall which serves as venue for entertaining guests and visitors. The glass windows are with  sufficient sizes on appropriate locations with plenty of air for ventilating the interior.

Floor Plan

A building constructed at the middle of a garden lot, it exists in a very healthy environment, thus supporting green living. Moreover, the house looks even greener with a lovely garden and landscaping. What a wonderful house to live with total comfort.

Image credit: thaidrawing


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