Design Your House Like Modern Single Storey Plan

Modern home designs are the present-day trends in housing. This is because they showcase wide range of features like clean lines, balance, proportions, open layouts and green living concepts. For this reason, PHD offers to design your house like this modern single storey plan with captivating & magnetic characteristics.

Generally, the significance of home gives so much importance to every family. In fact, the highest level of privacy and security are found in our homes. That is why, it is very important that we choose our homes to be the reflection of who we are. Moreover, our homes should be the extension of our character and personality. Therefore, consider the plan in feature to design your house because this is a great inspiration.

This house focuses on the integration of a comfortable residence with modern concepts built in a spacious lot. Actually, the size and features are suitable for a family of 4-5 members. Likewise, this plan caters to families who are dreaming of living in a very comfortable environment.

Picture of Design Your House Like Modern Single Storey Plan

Design Your House Like Modern Single Storey Plan – Features

This residence is a representation of the current trends in house technologies. Kindly check and appreciate the outstanding features which might help you build your house.

  • open, relaxed front porch heightened by strong columns and secured by a separate hip roof
  • sliding glass door of average size with green tint
  • three bedrooms and two bathrooms
  • glass window facades in green tint on appropriate locations
  • free flowing concept of the living spaces
  • concrete masonry exterior wall fitted with mineral plaster finish in beige color
  • ceramic roof tiles in grey color assembled in a hip type design
  • impressive and gorgeous interior design and concepts
  • spacious outdoor space for entertaining family, friends and guests
  • lovely space for landscape purposes to promote green building
  • separate shed for two-car garage

Picture of Design Your House Like Modern Single Storey Plan

Design Your House Like Modern Single Storey Plan – Description

This residence focuses on common exterior details but define high contemporary theme. It stands in a large lot and thus very comfortable and inviting which offers a healthy atmosphere. The unit stands in elevated scheme with few steps above the natural grade line. Obviously, it appears a little higher as well as increasing the overall appeal.

A front open porch welcomes the house leading to the living room through the sliding glass door. The perimeter of the building are provided with sufficient sizes of glass window panels on appropriate locations. A smart concept, the glass door and glass windows are great medium in comforting the interior with plenty of light and air.

The exterior façade is an assembly of refined lines coupled with the tidy paints of white and beige. The bottom outline perimeter in greyish blue tome and the light brown marble tiles on the porch deliver an additional appeal on the overall outside bearing. Not be taken for granted, the hip style roofing system is a revelation of power and class.

A separate shed for two-car garage with a small storage room is sits separately on the left side portion. It gives more space increasing the comfort of the house.

Picture of Design Your House Like Modern Single Storey Plan

Design Your House Like Modern Single Storey Plan – Interior Design

The elegance of the exterior extends to the interior design of the house. As can be seen, the walls and ceilings stands proud with clean paints in beige color. The ceilings shine with recessed layout, beautiful chandelier and yellow outline. The inside looks magnetic by the dark grey curtains with overflowing character.

Picture of Design Your House Like Modern Single Storey Plan

Meanwhile, the bathrooms offer a share of elegance. It employs genuine fixtures and accessories which are laid out outstandingly. They stand great with grey floors, beige wall, grey and green wall tiles and partly designed glass door.

Picture of Design Your House Like Modern Single Storey Plan

Overall, the house has too much to offer, from design, materials, exterior and interior concepts and most importantly the comfort and freedom the house brings out.

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