Stylish Two-Bedroom Architectural House Design

Modern architectural house design presents an open layout and flexible floor space for accessibility. Furthermore, this is enhanced by extensive use of contemporary or developed mixed materials in building a home. In reality, these structures are common fixtures of suburban locality across the country. Similarly, modern homes highlight open layouts to offer more functionality. Besides, current house plans are perfect for families who want to embrace wholesome contemporary style.

Picture of Stylish Two-Bedroom Architectural House Design

The architectural house design in feature stands in a lot that measures 13.0 meters wide and 9.50 meters long with a livable space of 123.50 sq. meters. The plan is designed to get the most out of the living space which also intends to establish the appropriate balance between the open living spaces and private rooms.

Picture of Stylish Two-Bedroom Architectural House Design

Features of Stylish Two-Bedroom Architectural House Design

This model plan constructed in the middle of a garden lot offers a comfortable environment which promotes green living and is also energy efficient.

The significant features of this modern architectural house design are:

  • open layout floor plan between the living room and dining room
  • modern designed kitchen with extra space for food preparation
  • two generous bedrooms and two T&Bs
  • big sized glass doors, partitions and windows in brown colored aluminum frames
  • long covered porch
  • refined exterior façade with a mix and match of brown, grey and cream shades with a yellow accent
  • exterior wall in mineral plaster finish with grey paint
  • a combination of hip and gable roofs painted in grey with white outline
  • an inviting,  open car park
  • open outdoor space and walkway for entertaining family, friends and guests
  • fine-looking landscape that promotes healthy living

Picture of Stylish Two-Bedroom Architectural House Design

Description of Stylish Two-Bedroom Architectural House Design

A fashionable architectural house design which is so elegant in style, it creates a magnetic effect as you take a look on the exterior. The plan appears dominating with big-sized glass for doors, partitions and windows in brown colored aluminum frames. Actually, the sizes are smart concept to welcome plenty of light and air to ventilate the interior. In fact, that is one of the distinctive property of this home, to promote green environment and healthy living.

Picture of Stylish Two-Bedroom Architectural House Design

The concept and details displayed on the exterior is hypnotizing as it creates a very warm and pleasant atmosphere. The blend from lines, construction and colors offer a distinct character. Additionally, the appeal is strengthened by using a dominant grey color almost in all sections of the house.

Floor Plan of Stylish Two-Bedroom Architectural House Design

This architectural house design features the open concept living zone on the left section of the plan. The living space also includes a designer kitchen and a bar for easy meals and service. Conversely, the sleeping zone designed for peace and privacy with two bedrooms sits comfortably on the right part of the design.

It is quaint and cozy on the outside with a long porch of dimension 8.0 x 2.0 meter. This is a great space for family gathering as well as entertaining visitors and guests. Moreover, the plan hosts a flexible and relaxed living room ventilated by plenty of air through the glass partitions. The living spaces are also kept comfortable by glass window facades, extending the comfort to the dining room and kitchen.

The sleeping zone includes a master suite and one secondary bedroom. The master’s suite which measures 6.0 x 4.0 meters has a double vanity ensuite toilet, double shower and walk-in-robe tucked away for peace and privacy. On the other hand, the secondary bedroom with a size of 4.1 x 3.7 meters sits at the back adjacent to the master’s suite with a walk-in-closet of its own.

The home design, features and layout is best for a family of 4.

Living in this stylish architectural house design with a blend of comfort, coziness and privacy is what most families would prefer to experience.

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