Small Farmhouse Cottage Plan with One Bedroom

If you are looking for a comfortable home for vacation purposes, then you have to consider the type of house and location. Getting tired of a busy life, definitely, there is one fine place to turn over a new leaf. Here is a small farmhouse cottage plan with one bedroom that will offer you a comfortable place and a stress reliever.

The unit will be best suited in a rural community or a garden lot with the purpose of enjoying the most of a healthy environment. In fact, either buying, renting or building your own house like this one bedroom small farmhouse cottage plan will not only bring you family-related benefits, but also  abundant supply of wind farm related perks.

The benefits include the following: Firstly, the farmhouse permits you to enjoy the serenity of nature, breathe fresh air and strengthen your mental and physical health. Secondly, physical health is in great condition because pollution is lower and the risk of getting sick is low. Thirdly, safety level is high because you are in a place away from violence and crime related activities in the cities.

Picture of Small Farmhouse Cottage Plan with One Bedroom

Features of Small Farmhouse Cottage Plan with One Bedroom

This small farmhouse cottage plan has a beautiful and cute design. With a gentle and warm tone outer details, this has become more and more popular for a small family longing for comfort. The features include the following:

  • elevated scheme with three steps from natural grade line
  • small porch with L-shaped bench and steel railing
  • exterior wall made of wood painted in pastel blue shade
  • curved barn roof with asphalt
  • living / family hall
  • modern and lovely interior concepts – brown marble flooring, grey painted walls and ceilings with nice lights and chandelier
  • simple kitchen
  • one bedroom and one bathroom
  • simple garden / landscaping

Picture of Small Farmhouse Cottage Plan with One Bedroom

Description of Small Farmhouse Cottage Plan with One Bedroom

The house in feature stands in 36.0 m² floor area with the minimum requirements of a shelter. The entire building is designed with the exterior wall in wood assembly with blue shade which undoubtedly shines. Furthermore, it is secured by a framed glass door and sufficient glass window panels on appropriate locations which are of enough sizes to ventilate the interior of the house.

Picture of Small Farmhouse Cottage Plan with One Bedroom

The entire house looks cool in a blend of white and blue paints. The curved barn roof with asphalt in grey color showcases uniqueness and adds appeal to the overall feature of the house.

Picture of Small Farmhouse Cottage Plan with One Bedroom

The living hall offers a pleasant feeling and atmosphere with brown marbles flooring. The walls and ceilings in grey paint are very inviting as well as the glamour offered by the chandelier.

The bedroom has a similar presentation with brown marble flooring, and walls & ceilings in grey paint as well. The room looks very comfortable with the presence of aluminum glass windows in white aluminum frames. The concept is ready to offer enough air from the outside environment.

Meanwhile, the bathroom did not fail to offer a consistent appeal. The features are attractive with nice fixtures, floor tiles in brown color and beige tiles in the wall.

Is it not fun and happy to live in this small farmhouse cottage plan? Indeed, I believe it would be great and healthy.

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