Interior Designs of Urbane Contemporary Home

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How does it feel to enjoy a luxury lifestyle? Feel the magnetic influence of this urbane contemporary home with interior designs. Presently, designs in residential architecture progresses so quickly. The lifestyle and trends visible everywhere validate the level of advancement of building technologies. This is also reinforced by the presence of several magnificent residences in every corner of the world. In fact, this incredible residential home with compelling exterior is absolutely astonishing.

Picture of Interior Designs of Urbane Contemporary Home

House decoration whether external or internal plays a significant role in the overall character of the building. Definitely, the bigger the house, the more space to give a better appeal. In fact, the size of the space allows wider range in decorating. Additionally, more concepts are available and more accessories can be placed and arranged well.

Picture of Interior Designs of Urbane Contemporary Home

There is no place like home. In reality, residential architecture is connected with boundless interior designs and concepts that remain significant. The urbane contemporary home in feature is a splendid two-storey home with striking exterior design. It’s overall feature  is a gauge in determining the development of present designs. Actually, the details are very fashionable in nature as they depict the character of the family.

Features of Interior Designs of Urbane Contemporary Home

As can be seen, this design is everybody’s dream house plan. The design is for bigger and well-to-do families . The house is new and raw for planning the most appropriate interior designs. Nevertheless, a beautiful size which offers comfort and freedom, the building offers the following features:

  • Spacious balcony
  • Pronounced, open layout living spaces – living room, dining room and kitchen
  • Sunlit great living room filled with plenty of fresh air and natural light
  • Three generous bedrooms and three T&B’s
  • Pleasant, spacious and comfortable balcony with strong square columns, as well as steel perimeter fence in the second floor level
  • Modern, well-equipped L-shaped kitchen waiting for installation of the required accessories and fixtures
  • Proposed angled counter snack bar for quick and easy meals
  • Enormous glass window facades in brown aluminum frames around the entire structure in both floors
  • Prominent strong columns in the front and left side elevations with decorative bricks in light and dark brown shades
  • Concrete exterior wall with mineral plaster finish in pink color
  • Segmented arched glass windows in the front elevation
  • Multiple assembly of hip type of roofs with tegula tiles from the exterior, living spaces and private zone
  • Walkway, drive way and proposed car garage

Picture of Interior Designs of Urbane Contemporary Home

Description of Interior Designs of Urbane Contemporary Home

Space is a great attribute in building or buying a house. In the first place, this is what this residence is serving. In fact, most home owners would like to have their home to stand out from the rest. Definitely, the interior designs and exterior features of this urbane contemporary home will delight you.

The exterior details of this is absolutely amazing. The overall character of the house is so prominent because of:

  • exterior design and layout
  • choice of materials
  • construction technique
  • stability of the structure
  • color choice and blend
  • complex assembly of the hip roofing
  • location of the structure

Interior Designs

Meanwhile, the layout and proposed interior designs will definitely be sophisticated. It focuses on the open concept for comfort. With a livable space of 225.0 m², the designer has a wide range to play in decorating the house with the best to match the exterior appeal.

While the outside looks great with bright colors, the interior shines with light shade. As a result, the appearance looks amusing with the application of brown paint on the bottom and top perimeters. Additionally, the ceiling with white paint sparkles with its unique rendering.

A balcony in the second floor is accessible in one of the bedrooms through glass partitions. As a smart idea, the partitions allow the flow of sufficient light and air to ventilate the space. Ultimately, total comfort in a private zone is achieved.

The kitchen looks simple here in L-shape with white tiles and dark brown cabinets. Moreover, it will even be better if completed with a snack bar counter for easy meal services and a butler’s pantry. Mezzanine cabinets will serve to store kitchen equipment and supplies. Of course, as necessary, an exhaust fan is installed to keep the inside smell free.

Picture of Interior Designs of Urbane Contemporary Home

The elegance extends to the bathroom which features first class and genuine accessories. The walls use grey tiles with pattern which really showcases class and style.

Look! What more can you ask for? Overall, this urbane contemporary home with magnificent interior designs and concepts oozes with irresistible appeal. You can feel the touch of expression and sophistication.

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