Modern Two-Storey House Plan & Interior Designs

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Living in the 21st century is synonymous to enjoying a contemporary life. Consequently, it’s like being in a modern home with the best benefits a residence can offer. We are in a period where space, energy and privacy are difficult to attain. But then, with modern two-storey house plan, you will be able to gain these benefits while also making an environmentally friendly investment.

Picture of Modern Two-Storey House Plan & Interior Designs

Presently, more households are embracing the modern themes because of the many advantages over other housing types. Even with lower financial capacities, there are still lots of ways to go modern. Modern homes are advantageous in many ways. They are the following – spaciousness, lots of light, aesthetically pleasing design, plenty of room for customization, energy efficient and earth-friendly. These characteristics are on offer by this modern two-storey house plan.

Picture of Modern Two-Storey House Plan & Interior Designs

Features of Modern Two-Storey House Plan & Interior Designs

As can be seen, this modern two-storey house plan can be everybody’s dream home. In fact, it caters bigger and well-to-do families. To appreciate it more, here are the remarkable features:

  1. Exterior façade
  • elevated scheme from the natural grade line
  • front terrace with brown marble flooring and chandelier
  • wall cladding and columns with stacked stones in brown color
  • concrete exterior walls fitted with mineral plaster finish in pearl shade
  • glass door, partitions and window panels with brown aluminum frames and green tint
  • open balcony in the upper level with glass perimeter
  • two assemblies of flat style roof in coral color
  1. Interior Design and Concepts
  • spacious living room with wall-sized partition
  • brown wooden stairs with glass balusters
  • interior walls and ceilings painted in pearl shade
  • lovely bedrooms with uniform color and large glass partition
  • modern-designed L-shaped kitchen painted in pearl shade and brown cabinets
  • ensuite full bathroom with shower
  1. Outdoor Concepts
  • outdoor space for informal breakfast and coffee, also for visitors
  • attractive walkway and landscaping
  • drive way and garage

Picture of Modern Two-Storey House Plan & Interior Designs

Description of Modern Two-Storey House Plan & Interior Designs

Space is a significant element in building or buying a house, and this is what this modern two-storey house plan is serving. In fact, most home owners would prefer a home that stands out from the rest. Absolutely, the exterior concepts and interior designs of this residence will entertain you.

Picture of Modern Two-Storey House Plan & Interior Designs

This modern two-storey luxury house has free flowing concept plan of the flexible living spaces. A hinged glass door welcomes the living room with two fixed glass column on the right. On the left side of the front door is the staircase with brown wooden tread to the upper level.

The spacious living room bursts with a wall-sized glass partition facing the front elevation of the house. A smart idea, the use of big glass partition will allow plenty of light to ventilate the living area. The space looks tidy after the walls are painted with pearl color while the flooring shines with the same shade.

The hallway in a uniform paint color has glass window panels with brown aluminum frames which are also serving as medium for making the interior comfortable. The rooms sparkle with lightings along the ceilings. The bottom border in dark brown paint is an eye-catcher as it matches the aluminum color.

The staircase looks elegant with the brown colored tread and secured by glass balustrade with dark brown frame.

The bedroom also sports with the same color as the entire residence. In fact, it appears very tidy and pleasant. Additionally, the wall-sized glass wall is a smart medium as it allows much light to brighten the interior. The choice of furniture is also a great idea.

Other Internal Concepts

The L-shaped kitchen with modern design looks elegant as the other sections of the house. It looks powerful with marble flooring, pearl colored walls and brown cabinets. Moreover, the ceilings with sufficient lightings allow the kitchen to shine more.

The bathroom plays consistently with the rest of the rooms of the house. It turns to be inviting and shining with the following features: genuine fixtures and accessories, floor tiles in light brown color, neatly painted wall and wall extension with dark brown tiles.

Indeed, this modern two-storey house plan is another masterpiece of design which is oozing with excellent features. What more can you ask for?

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