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Design Your House Like Modern Single Storey Plan

Modern home designs are the present-day trends in housing. This is because they showcase wide range of features like clean lines, balance, proportions, open layouts and green living concepts. For this reason, PHD offers to design your house like this modern single storey plan with captivating & magnetic characteristics. Generally, the significance of home gives […]

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Stylish Two-Bedroom Architectural House Design

Modern architectural house design presents an open layout and flexible floor space for accessibility. Furthermore, this is enhanced by extensive use of contemporary or developed mixed materials in building a home. In reality, these structures are common fixtures of suburban locality across the country. Similarly, modern homes highlight open layouts to offer more functionality. Besides, […]

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Modern House Plan with Three Bedrooms

Presently, the world is experiencing high heat indexes due to imminent increase in temperature levels. Generally, a house or shelter offers comfort by blocking the direct penetration of heat to the body. Thus, temperature greatly affects the condition of all buildings in all-purpose. Check how this modern house plan with three bedrooms fare against the […]

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