Lovely Simple One Bedroom House Plan

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Are there really benefits to living in a small house?  Big houses maybe impressive and may offer more comfort as compared to simple ones. Actually, everybody wants to experience living in a large house for obvious reasons within our grasps. But, it is not that way, not everyone is privileged to that reward. Anyway, let us focus on the article featuring a small home in a simple one bedroom house plan.

If you feel trapped in your small house, come to think of the benefits the smaller house can bring to your family. In fact, a small simple one bedroom house plan saves you money that you can spend for other necessities. Additionally, it is easier to clean, can help build relationships, encourages you to live a simpler life and easier customization of the space.

Picture of Lovely Simple One Bedroom House Plan

Description of Lovely Simple One Bedroom House Plan

The featured design in this article is a simple one bedroom house plan that stands in a livable space of 49.0.0 m².  As can be seen, the exterior façade shines in a uniform signal white color in the entire building with a little touch of grey. It’s simple but the style shows refinement and pleasantness. Who would ever think that a house small as this will float like a masterpiece?

Picture of Lovely Simple One Bedroom House Plan

The design stands proud and elegant with the following characteristics: elevated scheme from the natural grade line, sliding glass door, glass window panels, blend of signal white and grey shades and a flat type roof painted with the same tone as the whole elevation.

Picture of Lovely Simple One Bedroom House Plan

Meanwhile, the house has the following characteristics”

  • straightforward design in a square concept
  • modern concept – internal and external
  • simple plan with rooms serving multiple functions
  • concept defines practical expressions
  • simple layout yet stylish and appealing
  • maximized and organized space

Features and House Specifications

The house stands out with finesse and style that includes the following elements:

  • small porch
  • living room
  • dining room and kitchen
  • one bedroom
  • one bathroom
  • exterior wall with mineral plaster finish in signal white shade
  • flat type roofing assembly
  • garden and landscape

Overall, at the end of the day, it’s not the size of your house that matters, but what you fill it with. You can be happy in a small house or in a mansion. Finally, we cannot buy happiness and comfort.


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