House Plan with Three Bedrooms – Modern Style

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Picture of Three-Bedroom Modern House Plan

A house is always believed to be the most appreciated asset that every family treasures. In fact, it is a very valuable property because it signifies the status symbol of a household. We all know that it is not as easy as we want to buy or build one, mainly because of financial capacity and stability.  However, Pinoy House Designs remains to offer a variety of plans with diverse styles that cater all levels of families. At this point, the webpage offers a stylish  modern house plan with three bedrooms which is suited to a garden lot. This unit built in this location will offer lots of comfort and a pleasant atmosphere.

Three bedrooms with a bit of privacy? Yes, it is definitely possible. Certainly, the design features of this stylish modern house plan with  three bedrooms offers the best privacy a family can have. Additionally, a garden lot location with lots of air around makes this home a serene nest for a household. Who can’t resist living on this green environment?

Picture of Three-Bedroom Modern House Plan

A residential house constructed a meter above the main street level grade line, it overlooks to the entire surrounding. Furthermore, this allows even greater grasp of the natural elements that compliments to ease and comfort. Aside from this, visibility of the nearby area is at higher level.

Picture of Three-Bedroom Modern House Plan

Features of Stylish Modern House Plan with Three Bedrooms

At the present time, green building is a blistering trend in residential construction. It comprises the incorporation of environmental influence from perspective of its design, construction, maintenance and use. Some factors considered to comply with this are including the use of sustainable materials and energy-efficient building procedures. In addition to this, water conservation, location and indoor air quality are plus factors of this house plan.

Meanwhile, the significant features of this house design include:

  • Spacious covered balcony enclosed with steel railings; and supported by strong columns
  • Flat roofs at two levels in similar fashion
  • Wall-sized sliding glass doors with light green tint
  • Sliding glass windows in brown color aluminum frames
  • Three generous bedrooms
  • Spacious family hall
  • Dining room and kitchen in an open layout concept
  • One toilet and bath
  • Lovely interior concepts with marble tiles floor in dirty white shade
  • Coffered ceiling with perimeter lighting and chandelier at the middle
  • Lovely curtains in a blend of dark grey and white colors

Picture of Three-Bedroom Modern House Plan

Description of Stylish Modern House PLan with Three Bedrooms

The model house plan stands in elevated platform giving a nice view of the street and surrounding community. The house stands in 132.0 m² area of a garden lot.  The width is longer than the length which makes the overall size looks bigger than the measurement. The exterior façade is a dominant mix of masonry and glass. The wall sized sliding glass door is a smart idea as well. It allows the penetration of large amount of air and light that comforts the interior of the structure. Moreover, the large openings for sliding glass windows are additional medium of great ventilation inside and outside the building.

Obviously, the refined details and layout of the exterior section offer class and elegance as each element compliments each other. The combination of two shades of grey, brown and white visible on the outside is a perfect chemistry of colors. So cool, so pleasant.

The roof details is another revelation of style. Two elevations carry a separate flat roof layout assembled in similar pattern. The color changes from light in the bottom part and darker on the upper section. The idea creates an amazing blend. The entire home plan looks so elegant at night with lightings provided on the perimeter displaying a magnetic effect. This is what we call class and sophistication.

Picture of Three-Bedroom Modern House Plan

Interior Concepts

The interior of this three-bedroom modern home plan is an open layout concept giving more space, greater mobility and accessibility. As the purpose of the design, this is to promote green environment. The upper section looks great with coffered ceilings accentuated with perimeter lights and chandelier. The blend of color application in the interior is a concept of pleasantness. As can be seen, the uniformity of concept and design is employed in all sections, from the living room to the bedrooms.

The T&B carries the same concept as the other rooms as it bears similar shade of grey and white. The accessories look simple but are of genuine quality.

Experience total comfort. Let this stylish modern house plan with three bedrooms be your house. To sum up, it promotes green environment, thus supporting healthy living.

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