Two Storey House Plan in Style and Luxury

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Picture of Two Story House Plan in Style and Luxury

They say that the revelation of the family status is how big and beautiful the house is.  This is coupled with how much properties and assets you have in your vault. Well, that is true. If you have the resources, then, why not invest for an amazing residence just like this two storey house plan in style and luxury. We work hard to attain a certain level of status as manifestation of how we have managed to go on top with our efforts.

As a representation of modern day architecture, designs can be a blend of the collective space, energy and privacy in one home. In fact, this two storey house plan with attractive interior design represents the modern home meeting those features. Besides, it also showcases the features of a home; where natural light and outdoor influences are visible and valuable.

Picture of Two Story House Plan in Style and Luxury

Moreover, this project design permits you to obtain the benefits of its elements; while also having a unit which is energy efficient and environmental friendly. Subsequently, with its descriptions, this unit turns out to be a valuable investment as it also offers some health welfares. A two story house with three generous bedrooms, this becomes a hot trend particularly for financially stabled families.

Just like other contemporary house plan, the residence in feature looks classy because of its unique and striking architecture details. As can be seen, it is a signature of style and elegance. Furthermore, it typically showcases a valiant, futuristic curb appeal as well as clean and refined lines within the exterior finishing. What more can you ask for?

Picture of Two Story House Plan in Style and Luxury

Features of Two Storey House Plan in Style and Luxury

The significant features that this home plan offers, include:

  • inviting open front porch with square columns
  • array of big-sized glass windows with white painted aluminum frames
  • exterior corner walls accentuated with grey colored tiles
  • outside façade in mineral plaster finish painted in white
  • wall-sized glass partitions on the left elevation filled with plenty of air and light for ventilation of the building’s interior
  • three bedrooms, two T&B and spacious hall
  • dining room and kitchen
  • dynamic overall architectural features of the exterior façade with clean edges and details
  • hip type of roofs revealing a momentous style
  • gorgeous home interior design and concepts
  • stunning two-car garage with square columns support in grey and white shades
  • proposed landscaping space around to offer a green and healthy living

Picture of Two Story House Plan in Style and Luxury

Description of Two Storey House Plan in Style and Luxury

Accentuated with a unique and remarkable exterior details, this contemporary two storey house plan stands in spacious lot area. You can construct this residence in any urban subdivisions or in private properties. The house possesses multiples of distinctive hip roofs in both the ground and upper levels. These details are not generally seen in most houses. In particular, the design features 5 sections of hip roofs sections visible in the front elevation.

The exterior façade looks gorgeous with an extraordinary elegance of the elements. The features include the square columns with accents of stones in the carport and porch, roof style, dominance of concrete and masonry. Aside from these, the residence also showcases an array of glass windows in white aluminum frames, blend of grey and white tones and refined detailing.

Picture of Two Story House Plan in Style and Luxury

Interior Concepts and Design

With a spacious area, this can accommodate more facilities and amenities. Likewise, the space invites more options in design and techniques as well as choice of accessories and furniture. Consequently, this contemporary two storey house plan stands strong in offering benefits like area accessibility. Apart from that, the unit also offers lots of light for energy efficiency, aesthetic appeal, spaces for customization and being environmental friendly.

Generally, the interior design of this two storey house plan expresses the aesthetic value it owns because of the space. The features of the external façade extends to the interior in terms of the color application. The atmosphere looks so warm and pleasant with a blend of grey and white paints. Little variation is expressed in the kitchen as light brown shade mixed with grey and white. The finished product still looked so amusing.

The T&B’s as expected deliver class and comfort with genuine and selected accessories. Well, this is a luxury house anyway. The layered tiles of dark and light brown colors contribute a little drama.

Indeed, this two story home plan really defines style and luxury. It looks gorgeous externally and internally.

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