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New House Plan of a Classy Bungalow Residence

Nowadays, there are satisfactory reasons to appreciate the benefits of modern bungalow house designs. The world is blasted by climatic changes which disturbs every aspect of our existence. In today’s housing demands, to have space, privacy and energy is a challenging task to achieve. Nevertheless, there are techniques to attain these essentials, and this is […]

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Picture of Edgardo – Renaissance of Courtyard Bungalow House

Edgardo – Renaissance of Courtyard Bungalow House

In view of today’s economic status quo, many families face difficulties in building their own house. While the cost of living tremendously soar to the ceiling, their capacities to own one is becoming slimmer. Nevertheless, they resort to other means to award themselves with a shelter. In order to assist the home buyers, Pinoy House […]

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Picture of Corazon: Charming Three-Bedroom Bungalow House

Corazon: Charming Three-Bedroom Bungalow House

In housing business, the battle for simplicity of design is the name of the game at the present time. Not only because of the financial requirements which is  major concern, but also the availability of units offered by project developers. In like manner, affordability plays an important role in buying a residential house, For this […]

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