Small Bungalow House with Two Bedrooms

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There are misconceptions on bungalow houses which are classified as home for the older crowd. Actually, they become the most popular types and choices of many homeowners nowadays. In fact, a small bungalow house plan is well-suited to a wide range of people, needs and lifestyles. You look around and what you see are bungalow houses that are enormously popping everywhere like mushrooms.

But why do households embrace these type of house? Well obviously, because of the lower cost involved in construction and in the future will only incur easier maintenance and lower expenses as well. Furthermore, a bungalow house has easy accessibility, it comes with a big backyard and is high on resale demand.

Picture of Small Bungalow House with Two Bedrooms

Pinoy House Designs offers this small bungalow house with two bedrooms to families with issues on budget for construction. It is thought that with a lot that measures 6.0 x 8.0 meters or a livable space of 48.0 m², many households can avail a residence. In fact, the designer has managed to draft a complete plan without sacrificing the comfort a family can have in a house.

Picture of Small Bungalow House with Two Bedrooms

Features and House Specifications

Homeowners, here is the complete unit.

  • open porch
  • living room
  • dining room and kitchen
  • two bedrooms
  • one bathroom
  • future expansion

Picture of Small Bungalow House with Two Bedrooms

Description of Small Bungalow House with Two Bedrooms

A livable space of 48.0 m² is small, but as a starting move, this unit will offer the comfort and freedom to the family like any other house can offer. Well, if the budget allows in the future, an expansion and inprovement awaits making the house a better investment.

Well, it is not always the size, but the elements and benefits that a house brings to the family. It is small but the features and workmanship is bigger than its size. The designer has been too playful on creating an exterior of style.

  • an elevated porch with separate flat roof
  • sliding glass door and glass window panels with grey aluminum frames
  • exterior walls in mineral plaster finish in cream and brown tones
  • prominent corner column
  • blend of grey, brown and white colors delivering a cool atmosphere

Picture of Small Bungalow House with Two Bedrooms

The left and rear elevation also shines with mineral plaster finish and the same shade as the front elevation. Windows are provided on appropriate locations providing ventilation to the interior of the building.

The right elevation bursts equally with glass window panels and exterior wall painted in brown, grey and cream creating a refined style.

One of the highlights of this small bungalow house is the well-defined assembly of flat roof in cream shade. Actually, it creates a dominant style and appearance.

Floor Plan

Because of size limitation, this floor plan is the smartest layout that can be extracted out of the space. The porch introduces the living room in the right portion, while the dining room and kitchen settles on the left. The remaining section at the back is shared by the two bedrooms. Meanwhile, the T&B sits between the dining room and one of the bedrooms.

A small residence in the heart of a garden, the comfort that the atmosphere brings in is priceless.

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