Building a House with Contemporary Features

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Generally, purchasing a family home can either be cost-effective or expensive. Of course, the house type depends on the owner’s financial capacity.  In spite of the economic situation the country is facing right now, every family ensures their best efforts to have their own house. Anyway, here is another design that will turn your heads up. What about building a house with contemporary features?

When we speak of contemporary concepts, the meaning depends on who we are asking. However in general, contemporary houses are characterized by using clean lines inside and outside the building and spaces. Actually, the featured design is a contemporary residence whose charisma is heightened by the exterior design and interior concepts. It is a smart idea then that in building a house of your own, to consider this model as your reference.

Picture of Building a House with Contemporary Features

A residence in an elevated scheme always deliver a more valuable house. In fact, this concept makes a house stand bigger and higher. Look at this model house – it shines with pride. In fact, the overall façade oozes with higher projection value. Actually, the aim of this outline is not simply for aesthetic appeal but protection to certain calamities like floods.

Picture of Building a House with Contemporary Features

Building a House with Contemporary Features – Features

Certainly, this house in feature is everybody’s dream house plan. It will be a choice of bigger and well-to-do families. Anyhow, a considerable size which offers comfort and freedom, the structure offers the succeeding features:

  • airy and relaxed open porch
  • living space composed of great living room, dining room and kitchen
  • three generous bedrooms and two units of T&B’s
  • prominent square pillar with light brown stacked stones supporting the porch and secured by a separate hip roof
  • front stairway with white marble stones
  • distinct sliding glass door with fixed sidelites in white aluminum frames
  • identical window facades on opposite sides of the front door with glass panels in white frames
  • concrete exterior wall around the structure with mineral plaster finish in cream color
  • multiple assembly of hip typed roofs with tegula tiles in brown shade
  • refined exterior façade that glows in a blend of white, cream and saddle brown colors
  • inviting proposed garage
  • spacious walkway and drive way
  • lovely garden and landscaping

Picture of Building a House with Contemporary Features

Building a House with Contemporary Features – Description

This model plan is a gorgeous contemporary house elevated from the main grade line to add power and aesthetic value. Consequently, the practical idea, brings the overall elevation looks taller which delivers an extra charm and bearing. This home features 3 bedrooms, combined dining and kitchen, 2 units of T&B and one-car garage. As can be seen from the floor plan, the design endorses high level of privacy and freedom.

Picture of Building a House with Contemporary Features

The exterior façade is undoubtedly elegant and sophisticated. In fact, the structure is symmetrical at the center which defines beauty and balance. The introduction of using glass medium from door to window facades is a great representation of promoting green environment. The medium and sizes are sufficient enough to shower the interior with plenty of light and air. The entire external façade is a picture of refined architecture. Obviously, the fine execution delivers clean lines. Additionally, the vertical projection looks awesome by the application of the colors – dark at the top and bottom and light at the middle. This smart concept creates equilibrium both horizontally and vertically. Finally, the three sections of hip type roofs shines marvelously.

Building a House with Contemporary Features – Floor Plan

An inviting porch welcomes the residence leading to the comfortable living room through the sliding glass door. Few steps in front of the living room lies the combined dining room and modern kitchen. On the other hand, the three bedrooms occupy the three corners of the house, left and back right corner, where each room is accentuated by individual walk-in-closet. Meanwhile, two units of T&B are servicing the entire house.

Additionally, a space waits on the outside for informal breakfast and coffee where necessary. The space as well is very comfortable and can serve as venue for entertaining visitors and guest. Finally, a car garage sits on the right corner of the front elevation of the residence.

One of the most noteworthy feature of this contemporary house is the character of the exterior that behaves brilliantly with a blend and choice of colors. Exceptionally, the fusion successfully dominates and delivers elegance and sophistication.

Indeed, an amazing house.

Image credit: kittisakwasadu


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