Picture of Dream House Plan with Brilliant Interior

Dream House Plan with Brilliant Interior

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How does it feel to enjoy a luxury lifestyle? Feel the warmth of this stunning two story dream house plan with marvelous interior design. Presently, designs in home technologies advanced so quickly. The lifestyle and trends we see around justify the level of how far architecture has developed. This has also been strengthened by the existence of many wonderful residences everywhere. In fact, this incredible residential home with magnetic interior is absolutely amazing.

There is no place like home. In reality, residential architecture is associated with boundless concepts that continue to make waves. In fact, it bursts again while it offers one of its finest design. The incredible residential house in feature is a glamorous double story with striking exterior which is an indicator on how far designs have developed. Actually, the features are very contemporary in nature with a little traditional touch on the exterior face.

This design is a dream house plan for a bigger family who wants to enjoy comfort as well as freedom. Space is a great attribute in building or buying a house, and this is what this home is. Similarly, most home owners would want their home to stand out from the rest. With the features on offer both in the exterior that connects to the interior, a stylish and functional home is here to delight you.

Picture of Dream House Plan with Brilliant Interior

Description of a Dream House Plan with Brilliant Interior

How do you like your dream house to be? Although space and size are pre-requisites, the overall appearance of the house is a good indicator of a magnificent house. As a matter of fact, the gorgeousness of the exterior façade as well as the architectural medium used with refined details stand for a lovely residence. These are the features and character of this featured incredible dream house plan.

Additionally, the exterior façade is a complex blend of modernism and tradition. As can be seen, the building features a conglomeration of various materials such as concrete and masonry, wood, glass, aluminum, stones and steel. The final product renders a fusion of smart design. You can simply find a piece of something everywhere along the façade. In like manner, the assembly exudes balance and proportion both in the materials and color choices.

Features of a Dream House Plan with Brilliant Interior

The remarkable key features of this incredible dream house plan are:

  • Elevated and open front porch filled with plenty of natural air and light
  • Arc-shaped, large glass windows with light brown aluminum frames
  • Gorgeous exterior wall with accents of decorative slate stones
  • Pleasant, spacious and comfortable balcony with steel perimeter fence in the second floor level for relaxation purposes
  • Mineral plaster finish exterior wall in cream color
  • Assemblies of gable and elongated shed roofs in brown color
  • Fusion of cream and various shades of brown in the outer façade generating a cool harmony
  • Prominent geometrical shapes and lines creating a gorgeous exterior façade
  • Puffed-up scuncheons securing the aluminum glass windows
  • Magnificent and dramatic interior concepts and designs
  • Lovely landscaping promoting green building
Interior Design of a Dream House Plan

Interior design is extraordinary because of the aesthetic value it possesses in a particular space. It is not merely the appearance of the building’s interior but the functionality of the design that it offers. Moreover, interior design heightens the image as well as the value of a certain house.

The interior concepts of this dream house plan authenticate the harmonization that the exterior bearing connects to the interior appearance. Remarkably, the interior looks so lovely and elegant with a blend of various shades of brown and grey used from furniture down to the floor, walls and ceilings. Definitely, the fusion generates a cool and cozy ambiance.

The Living Room

Wow! Jaw dropping ambience with a fusion of grey and browns shades all over the living room. The looks, appeal and arrangement is so melodramatic. It offers all the comfort the family can ever experience. The lighting effects are perfect for a romantic atmosphere.

Picture of Dream House Plan with Brilliant Interior

Picture of Dream House Plan with Brilliant Interior

The Family Room

Look! The magnificent family room oozes with irresistible appeal. You can feel and touch the expression the room wants to convey. What a perfect room to relax and feel comforted. The blend of light brown and grey is flawless as they dominate the entire space. Love it.

Picture of Dream House Plan with Brilliant Interior

The Bedroom

The atmosphere is so dramatic and mesmerizing in brown color. The lighting assembly on the coffered ceiling showers charisma to the entire room.

Picture of Dream House Plan with Brilliant Interior

Picture of Dream House Plan with Brilliant Interior

Indeed, this house proves to be a dream house plan as it delivers everything a family can have and experience.

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  1. Ramadhan

    The Living room is marvelous… good work.. from the wall painting, tiles colour and the sofa, wonderful.. i loved it

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