Unique House Plan for Medium-Sized Family

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A home will always be a treasure and an expensive investment of a family because of its material value. Not only this, but the sentimental value it brings to the family. Moreover, the freedom, privacy and independence are precious gifts of a home. Discover how this unique house plan complies with the above statements.

Once again, take a look on one of the featured plans of Pinoy House Designs which I believe will be an eye-catching residence. This time it’s a residential home that will cater the medium-sized families. Well, embrace the features of a unique house plan that brings out the combined concepts of modernism and elegance. It doesn’t only possesses the appeal but it will satisfy your desire for a dream house.

Picture of Unique House Plan for Medium-Sized Family

The unit stands in a very green environment, thus the intention of getting the best for health purposes is achieved. A beautiful structure in a garden lot with lovely landscape, the sought after comfort is just an automatic benefit,

Picture of Unique House Plan for Medium-Sized Family

Features of Unique House Plan for Medium-Sized Family

A single storey residence, this unique house plan is of contemporary theme which combines elegance, beauty and sophistication in one. Therefore, to appreciate it more, here are the remarkable features.

  • front veranda
  • relaxed and flexible living room with complete fixtures
  • combined dining room and modern-designed kitchen
  • master’s bedroom furnished with vanity ensuite toilet, double shower and walk-in-robe
  • two secondary bedrooms with functional walk-in-closets
  • two units of T&B
  • sliding glass door with a brown tint
  • big-sized glass window panels in brown tint with dark brown aluminum frames
  • exterior walls with stacked stones and tiles with dark grey shade designed between window panels
  • external walls around the house fitted with mineral plaster finish in light grey color
  • prominent columns with stacked stones in grey shade
  • multiple assembly of hip style roof out of clay tiles with grey color
  • spacious outdoor space for recreation and entertaining family and guests
  • dazzling garden and landscape with access to nature that supports a green environment
  • inviting car garage secured by a flat roof

Picture of Unique House Plan for Medium-Sized Family

Description of Unique House Plan for Medium-Sized Family

This unique house plan will suit a medium-sized family who will experience the complete benefits of contemporary elements. The unit stands in a very conducive location with total comfort. The house is absolutely stunning with how the exterior façade is designed. The materials used, fixing and assembly, connections between details and projection are outstandingly impressive.

The concept of using sliding glass door is very functional. In fact, aside from aesthetic appeal that it offers, it plays the role of a medium for ventilating the interior of the building. Similarly, the glass window panels also offer a share of light and air to ventilate the interior.

Picture of Unique House Plan for Medium-Sized Family

Moreover, the glass window panels look striking as sandwiched by stack stones in dark grey tone. Likewise, the well-defined columns contribute an extra charisma to the overall projection of the exterior. The consistency of the concept is visible in all sections and elevations of the structure. Meanwhile, the flat and hip roof styles with a similar grey tone burst with strength and character. Overall, the outside façade shines in a blend of various shades of grey which is very gorgeous.

The Floor Plan

The floor plan of the house offers a front veranda with a flat roofing. It leads to the relaxed living room which sits at the middle of the plan. The dining room and kitchen occupy the left back corner while the bedrooms sit on the right section of the residence. The master’s bedroom has a personal T&B while the other unit is serving the entire home. Completing the smart layout of this unique house plan is the garage which sits on the front left corner of the unit.

Indeed, another contemporary design with great features is here to offer the complete benefits for a comfortable living.

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