Narrow House Design – Contemporary & Functional

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Clever plan in a limited space. Currently, to buy a house remains to be an intricate issue. Firstly, because of financial obligations to handle the cost of construction. Secondly, the availability of lots and locations that fits the family budget as well as lifestyle. Anyway, take a look on how a narrow house design with a smart and creative layout plan fits this space.

Picture of Narrow House Design – Functional & Contemporary

Because of the present high cost of lots and building expenses, most families opt to buy smaller lot.  Consequently, savings on the lot is a supplementary budget for the house. They may also invest on a bigger property lot and decide to build a smaller house at their convenience. Either way, they intend to save money to accommodate other necessities in life. In short, being practical is a smart decision.

Narrow houses are artistically suggested to make the most of limited, small  space while maintaining functionality. In the same way, narrow lot plans are a great idea, since they use space wisely. Consider this one story narrow house design with a 78.0 m² floor area as your reference.

Picture of Narrow House Design – Functional & Contemporary

Features of Narrow House Design – Functional & Contemporary

Actually, everything is not about size. Of course, bigger size will offer more space and value. Yet, not everything is about the volume. It’s the value it offers and the satisfaction it brings to a household.

Itemized hereunder are the significant features of a narrow house design.

  • simple but comfortable porch
  • sliding glass door and window panels in dark grey aluminum frames
  • free flowing concept of the living spaces
  • relaxed living room
  • modern-designed kitchen
  • two bedrooms and two T&B
  • exterior walls fitted with mineral plaster finish in oyster color
  • hip style roof with grey clay tiles
  • exterior façade in a blend of grey and oyster shades
  • courtyard and lovely garden

Picture of Narrow House Design – Functional & Contemporary

Description of Feature of Narrow House Design – Functional & Contemporary

The narrow house design in feature stands in a lot that measures 12.00 meters width and 7.10 meters length giving a livable space of 78.0 m². The unit although small has the complete elements a house can offer. As can be seen, small  as it can be, the design looks very contemporary and the components are very functional.

The main door uses a sliding glass door which is practical because of the amount of light and air it can penetrate to ventilate the living room. Similarly, sufficient glass window panels are installed at appropriate locations to share an equally amount of air to comfort the interior of the house. The glass window sizes at the left and rear elevations ensure that enough ventilation is supplied. The exterior façade shines in a blend of grey and oyster tones which adds appeal to the house. The prominent layout of the hip style roof with grey clay tiles justifies the home being contemporary in nature.

Floor Plan

The narrow house design in feature opens with a small porch leading to the living room through a sliding glass door. The dining room and kitchen are sitting on the left of the living room which occupy the back section of the residence. In fact, the open layout concept increases the mobility and accessibility within the area. Meanwhile, the master’s bedroom with a private T&B unit and the secondary bedroom utilize the front side of the unit. Elsewhere, the two T&B units and the small service area are sitting on the left back corner of the plan. A small garden and courtyard can simply shower the family with fresh air and atmosphere.

There can only be one best solution: a smart narrow house design in a limited space.

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