Modern House Plan with Three Bedrooms

Picture of Modern House Plan – An Expression of Elegance

Presently, the world is experiencing high heat indexes due to imminent increase in temperature levels. Generally, a house or shelter offers comfort by blocking the direct penetration of heat to the body. Thus, temperature greatly affects the condition of all buildings in all-purpose. Check how this modern house plan with three bedrooms fare against the intense heat experienced around.

Whenever you decide to buy a new home, a lot of factors are to be considered. Select a design that will perfectly suit your family. In other words, choose a unit that will satisfy you and something that fits within your capability. Of course, the first thing to consider is your financial capacity. Secondly, be concern about the location as it is very important to be at peace with the surroundings. The type of materials to use will also play a significant role in your choice and decision. Anyway, find out if this modern house plan will be appropriate for your family and lifestyle.

Picture of Modern House Plan – An Expression of Elegance

Features of Modern House Plan with Three Bedrooms

This modern house plan is a common signature house of glamorous places, but it can also exist anywhere. It could also be a great home in urban subdivisions or in rural areas. But, this type will be best suited in garden lots or farm land because this is specifically designed to focus on environment. Additionally, the unit addresses concerns of climate and ventilation.

The key features of this modern home plan comprises the following:

  • Inviting front veranda secured by a separate flat roof
  • Open layout concept of living room, dining room and kitchen
  • Three bedrooms with individual walk-in-closets
  • Two units of Toilet and Bath
  • Modern designed L-shaped kitchen
  • Dominant exterior façade in maroon and cream colors creating a gorgeous blend
  • Strong prominent rectangular columns with maroon color
  • Glass windows with white aluminum frames
  • Segmented assembly of hip roofs painted in matching maroon shade
  • One-car garage secured by flat roof
  • Spacious open outdoor space for family’s activities
  • Lovely landscape around the house that promotes green environment and healthy living

Picture of Modern House Plan – An Expression of Elegance

Description of Modern House Plan with Three Bedrooms

The modern house plan which can also be classified as tropical shelter is eye-catching. The design embracing the environmental conditions measures 13.5 meters wide and 12.0 meters long with a a total livable area of 142.0 m². This unit offers a blend of nature and architecture. In fact, it aims to combine the inspiration of the settings to the roles of the building.

The exterior façade displays a mixture of refinement and stylishness, As can be seen, the prominent rectangular columns offer strength and stability. The elevations are designed with adequate size of glass windows in white aluminum frames. Actually, this smart concept allows the penetration of sufficient light and air to ventilate the interior of the house.

Floor Plan

A single modern house plan, the design has a front veranda that leads to the open layout concept of the living room, dining room and kitchen. In fact, the idea supports space, mobility and accessibility. Three bedrooms occupy the left section with the master’s bedroom sitting in front. On the other hand, the other bedrooms settle side by side at the back portion of the plan. Two T&Bs service the entire house. One exclusive unit for the master’s bedroom and a common T&B for the remaining sections of the house. A one-car garage is placed on the right corner secured by a flat roof.

The entire building looks so prominent with the combined elements making up the structure. The combination of maroon, cream and white colors deliver an amiable blend. Overall, the external façade of this modern house plan is a revelation of strength and style.

Indeed, for a house that offers the above features and being environmental friendly, who would not love living in this amazing residence.

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