Single Floor House Plan with Geometrical Design

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Are you planning to build a new home? What type of house are you looking for? When searching for a home, it can be difficult to find one that has everything you want and need – especially when you have a specific location, limited budget or unique wish list in mind. Anyway, if your choice is a bungalow house, then here is an offer for you. A single floor house plan with geometrical design which will give you lots of benefits.

The featured house is in a modern setting with a contemporary style which is a trend in today’s residential housing. The house offers a lot of comfort as can be seen from the materials used, layout and design. Apart from these, being a one storey home will incur lower expenses to build and maintain. But then, the two major benefits of a home that’s contained on just one level are cost and practicality.

Picture of Single Floor House Plan with Geometrical Design

Description of Single Floor House Plan with Geometrical Design

A modern house plan, the house is built in a land area that measures 14.0 x 18.0 meters or 252.0 m². The unit accommodates three substantial bedrooms that will cater an average family of 4-6 members. With the nature of design and benefits on offer, this residence will definitely be loved by the owner.

As can be seen, the exterior façade looks like strange as compared to most of the houses scattered in every corner of the community. The overall design is very geometric which is clearly traceable from the layout and concepts from floor to roof. The external face is very stylish with the following characteristics: various sizes of glass window panels and partitions, balcony with grey cladding and canopy style roof and two assemblies of shed roofs in grey and white tones.

Picture of Single Floor House Plan with Geometrical Design

The unit has a concept of elevated scheme to allow the house to stand higher to give additional character. The balcony bursts in brown marble tiles and stainless steel railings.

Picture of Single Floor House Plan with Geometrical Design

The details of the outer elevation defines strength and stability as can be traced from the concrete exterior walls and ceilings in the balcony

Picture of Single Floor House Plan with Geometrical Design

Meanwhile, this single floor house plan with geometrical design has a high level of comfort. The concept of providing reasonable quantity of glasses from the doors to the window panels serve the objective. This clever idea allows plenty of light and air to penetrate inside the building for ventilation.

Picture of Single Floor House Plan with Geometrical Design

The Interior Concepts

The sliding glass door introduces the living room which looks very comfortable and pleasant. The use of cream shade is very consistent from the floor marble tiles, interior walls and ceilings.

With the volume and sizes of the glass, undoubtedly, the interior feels refreshing and comfortable. Meanwhile, the space looks bright with the color of surroundings and lighting system in the recessed style ceiling.

On the other hand, the bedrooms has the flooring with brown marble floor tiles. To maintain consistency as the other areas, the walls and ceilings carry similar cream tone.  Glass windows are likewise available for ventilation purposes.

Elsewhere, the kitchen looks fabulous in light brown marble floor tiles which matches the bedrooms. The appeal heightens with grey marble counter and dark brown cabinets.

It will be an enjoyable experience doing the activities in the kitchen with the presence of lots of windows to comfort the space.

Finally, the bathroom bears the same concept as the exterior façade and other spaces with strange design. In contrast, the space uses white tone and a little accent of grey which is cool and refreshing.

Features and House Specifications

This single floor house plan has the following specifications:

  • balcony
  • living room
  • dining room
  • kitchen
  • three bedrooms
  • two bathrooms and washroom
  • space for garden and landscaping

Indeed, this residence delivers a considerable level of comfort which most household would love to experience

Credit to the owner of design: ArtHome

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