Affordable One Bedroom Simple House Design

Picture of Affordable One Bedroom Simple House Design
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At the present time, the cost of building a house is really difficult especially for low income levels. This is because of the cost implications; which is the major problem of many families. However, this issue doesn’t seem to block them in pursuing for a unit they can call their own. In fact, this one bedroom simple house design caters low income families because of its affordability.

Simple and small house for a simple family. Pinoy House Designs presents a representative of simple living shelter with this one bedroom single story residence in 72.0 sq. meter building lot. Actually, the benefit of modest living is that it offers plenty of chances to reflect on what we have in life. Likewise, simple needs, simple demands will correspondingly mean less burdens and less accountabilities and maintenance of the residential house.

The house in feature measures 8.0 meters wide and 9.0 meters long with a total usable space of 67.4 sq. meters. This floor area covers a 54.2 sq. meters inside space while 13.2 sq. meters corresponds to the open space. This type of house suits a single individual, a couple starting a family or an empty nester.

Picture of Affordable One Bedroom Simple House Design

Description and Features of Affordable One Bedroom Simple House Design

Because of the size, this affordable one bedroom simple house design has an open layout plan to maximize the use of the available space. Furthermore, small as it may seem, the unit has the complete elements and services of a real home. It also has an ample space to accommodate all your personal belongings.

Picture of Affordable One Bedroom Simple House Design

This cool single story residence represents the signature home of the common people. The design hosts a front porch, living room, dining room, kitchen with storage, one bedroom, common T&B and a veranda. The key features of this one bedroom house design includes:

  • Elevated and lovely front porch secured by a flat roof and column with accents of veneer stones
  • Relaxed porch filled with plenty of natural air and light penetrating inside the building
  • Open layout of the living spaces, with a comfortable living room
  • Modern kitchen with a storage
  • Reasonable sizes of glass windows with light brown aluminum frames; acting as medium in transmitting air and light to ventilate the building’s interior
  • A pair of shed roofs constructed in opposite assembly
  • Exterior wall in mineral plaster finish with cream shade
  • Inviting and refined walkway with brown colored tiles
  • Attractive landscaping that promotes green living scheme

Picture of Affordable One Bedroom Simple House Design

Overall, this house design has a very simple but impressive exterior façade. Although simple, it exudes an image of style as can be seen from the refined architectural details.  Indeed, this will be an ideal home that most families would love to own.

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