One-Storey Modern House Design with Dazzling Outdoor Space

Contemporary home plans have established their popularity because they have broken the mold of changing architectural styles. They focus on different features many homebuyers are looking for. The diversity of characteristics includes open concepts, natural lighting, and energy efficiency especially if these details are combined in one design. This one-storey modern house design with brimming landscape answers the needs of families looking for an ideal home.

Picture of One-Storey Modern House Design with Dazzling Outdoor Space

Features of One-Storey Modern House Design

This house design stands amazing in a spacious farm setting in a cozy location. The fusion of white, brown, and beige hues delivers a pleasant atmosphere.

Picture of One-Storey Modern House Design with Dazzling Outdoor Space

Undoubtedly, you will feel a sense of happiness once you step in front of this charming design. This one-storey house design offers excellent features that allow it to stand impressively. The building elements joined to generate an elegant house as defined by the following architectural concepts.

  • comfortable loggia that covers the entire frontage designed with marble stones, and concrete bench seating
  • the loggia is embellished with prominent columns with accents of brown veneer stones, and sconce lights, and secured by steel guardrails, and a gable roof
  • brown tinted glass doors in brown aluminum casement and white stucco finishing
  • carefully placed glass windows in brown tint and brown frames installed in appropriate locations
  • exposed exterior walls in a tidy beige mineral plaster finish and wall
  • well-designed gable roof with grey-colored roofing tiles and beige gable
  • straightforward internal layout
  • inviting outdoor living with well-trimmed landscapes and lush trees that bring the space to comfort

Picture of One-Storey Modern House Design with Dazzling Outdoor Space

A house that stands in the middle of a farm promotes ultimate comfort. The glass elements in all elevations shower the interior with lots of light making the space look brighter. Equally, the spacious outdoor living with a well-trimmed landscape also floods the internal spaces with fresh air for a more comfortable and fresher atmosphere.

Undeniably, the combination of these building elements with refined workmanship created a stylish façade and a graceful house design. As can be seen, the well-designed gable roofs and spotless exterior walls exude class and finesse.

Picture of One-Storey Modern House Design with Dazzling Outdoor Space

Specifications of One-Storey Modern House Design

This modern design boasts pleasantness with an airy outdoor space and cozy inner space. It stands in a lot with dimensions of 10.0 x 20.5 meters yielding a usable floor area of 210.0 sq. The usable building space spreads to a loggia, living room, dining room, kitchen, five bedrooms, and two bathrooms.

The tasteful glass elements of this house are simply stunning! The loggia offers full access to the great living room, which is spacious enough to comfortably host any gathering. With a free-flowing concept, accessibility and mobility between rooms are at a high level. The left side hosts the living spaces and two bedrooms, while the right section accommodates the three bedrooms and bathroom. The master suite with a private ensuite and walk-in robe sits beside the living room. Also, all other bedrooms are provided with individual walk-in closets. Meanwhile, the space at the back hosts the kitchen where the family can share sumptuous and quick meals any time of the day.

Overall, this stunning house design with incredible spacious outdoor space has all the beauty and comfort to offer.

Image Credit: AP House

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