Charming Country House Design with Brick Clad Wall

Experience a comfortable life with this stylish charming country house design with a traditional touch. It has remarkable features to be a great residence and a vacation house for a family who wants to enjoy a serene and stress-free life. This transitional-style design delivers the best features that create a truly exceptional and delightful home. The exterior façade has a modern accent combined with a traditional vibe.

Picture of Charming Country House Design with Brick Clad Wall

Features of Charming Country House Design

This one-storey house bursts with a modern feel and concepts and at the same time, carries a traditional accent by using a unique brick-clad wall in various sections of the façade. Additionally, it registers a dynamic appeal in a fusion of brown, and grey tones that lends the elevation a fascinating character.

Feast your eyes on the charm of this home plan with the following exceptional building elements.

  • comfortable, elevated lanai embellished with natural wooden elements, concrete bench seating, and steel columns. The verandah is secured by a flat roof with wooden ceilings and lights that illuminate the space at night.
  • a pair of wooden doors serving as the main entryway to access the inner spaces
  • carefully placed slim rectangular translucent glass windows in frames and stucco finishing installed in appropriate locations
  • exterior clad wall with bricks in brown tone
  • exposed exterior walls in a plain raw cement finish
  • multiple layers of low-pitched shed roofs sloping to the back
  • charming interior design with a traditional accent
  • inviting sunken carport with a separate flat roof, and lighted wooden ceilings


This house has a simple exterior design, but its polished workmanship makes it stand out. The most revealing feature is the glass elements overlooking the outdoor recessed ceilings pace that let the dappled air and sunlight flow inside. Similarly, the well-placed transparent glass panes give the house a balance of privacy and natural light. Besides, you will have great views of the outside panoramic view from the cozy lanai.

Interior Design of Charming Country House Design

The interior design looks impressive in a blend of modern touch and traditional accent. As can be seen, the space is neat and well organized too with all the furniture and decor in it.


Picture of Charming Country House Design with Brick Clad Wall

You can feel a conducive atmosphere in the bedrooms designed with patterned marble tiles and interior walls painted in beige and grey tones. Moreover, the recessed ceilings with perimeter lighting matched by white and grey draperies allow the rooms to burst with elegance. Besides, the furniture and color choices in a graceful decoration offer a warm and refreshing feeling.

Picture of Charming Country House Design with Brick Clad Wall


On the other hand, you will observe the simple kitchen designed with crazy-patterned floor tiles and walls in grey shade. It looks comfortable with the amenities provided for serving great meals to the family.


Meanwhile, the charm and atmosphere of the other rooms extend to the bathroom. It offers a refreshing feeling in various shades of grey and is provided with genuine accessories.

Indeed, this is a beautiful house of style and comfort.

Image Credit: SJ Architech House and Building Design

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