Contemporary One-Storey House Plan with Splendid Interior Layout

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There’s something undefinable about this sun-filled house that makes it a home that will draw the attention of most homebuyers. The perfect choice for wide, estate blocks, this contemporary one-storey house plan is at its finest. Likewise, this house directly draws and wraps you in its atmosphere of warmth and welcome. Free-flowing and seamless, every space is designed to inspire and enhance the way you live, sharing everything with your family.

Picture of Contemporary One-Storey House Plan with Splendid Interior Layout

Features of Contemporary One-Storey House Plan

This stylish design in a blend of beige, grey, and brown hues looks gloomy, yet exquisite and elegant. It starts with the gorgeous balcony designed with marble tiles and secured by guardrails and a flat roof that extends to the carport.

Picture of Contemporary One-Storey House Plan with Splendid Interior Layout

The sprawling exterior explodes in sophistication with a combination of wall cladding accented by brown-colored veneer stones and wooden elements, multi-pane glass windows in grey tint, and intricately-designed cross hip roof assembly. As a result, these remarkable elements generate a good balance of materials, concepts, and workmanship that gives an outstanding curb appeal.

Picture of Contemporary One-Storey House Plan with Splendid Interior Layout

The glazed walls offer an expansive view of the surroundings and invite plenty of natural light that allows the interior to look brighter. Besides, the well-placed glass windows give the house a balance of privacy and natural light. Likewise, the internal rooms have excellent views of the external living areas while they are still protected from outside view.

Picture of Contemporary One-Storey House Plan with Splendid Interior Layout

Perhaps one of the most excellent trademarks of this home is the elegant cross hip roof with grey-colored ceramic tiles. Its intricate design and creative concept create a perfect match with the stunning exterior façade. Meanwhile, the exterior walls look splendid in a spotless beige plaster finish and along with the roof assembly exude class, finesse, and sophistication.

Interior Design of Contemporary One-Storey House Plan

The interior concepts of a certain house define the level of elegance. This contemporary home has a friendly exterior and an elegant interior. The open-plan living space embraces a modern feel. The space looks bright and feels cozy as lots of natural air and light flow freely through glass doors.

The Living Room

The inner spaces focus on beauty and style. In fact, it looks elegant and well-organized with all the furniture including the decor. You will also love the overall concept of the entire space, arrangement of furniture, and accessories in cream, beige, grey and brown tones from floor to walls and ceilings, which is a nod to a modern setting.

The Dining Room

Specifications of Contemporary One-Storey House Plan

This stunning contemporary house features a floor plan with efficient use of the space. Similarly, with an open concept, the accessibility among spaces is at a high level. The usable space of 94.0 sq. meters spreads to a balcony, living room, dining room, kitchen, three bedrooms, two bathrooms, storage room, laundry, and carport.

You will be welcomed by the great living spaces in an open concept as you enter from the gorgeous balcony. The harmony of the living and dining area make it an inviting, multifunctional hub for everyday family life. You’ll also love the way the living area connects with the dining space and flows out to the kitchen in the back left corner.

The front space is occupied by the living spaces, while the bedrooms are on the left corner and back section of the plan. The master suite at the back corner is a perfect sanctuary at the end of the day. Giving you a galley walk-in robe and a private ensuite will offer you an enjoyable feeling. Meanwhile, the secondary bedrooms settle on the left front corner and beside the master suite. Each of them enjoys its own walk-in closet and shares a common family bath.

Style and well-being are the gifts of this contemporary home design with a cozy exterior and a graceful interior. Additionally, the setting, location, and design are ideal for families who want healthy living.

Image Credit: 3D KH Design

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