Modern Family Home Design with Plain Cement Exterior

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Every house is unique in its own style. Modern homes are very popular because of the flexibility of designs they offer which are distinct and stylish. Similarly, the principle to integrate ideas and lifestyle makes designs fit the standards and tastes of the owners. This modern family home design utilizes a decent amount of space to host the required rooms sufficient to offer a stylish residence with graceful exterior concepts.

You will love the charming concepts of this single-storey house design that stands in a cozy environment. The exterior façade is simple but unique. It features a verandah with marble tiles, a concrete bench for seating, and columns along the middle height accented by veneer stones and moldings. Moreover, the wall cladding with bricks accents on the left wing offers an extra punch to the house’s character.

Picture of Modern Family Home Design with Plain Cement Exterior

Designed with all the comfort and convenience of the family, this home is wrapped with lots of glass panels in grey tint providing natural light – making the house airy and bright. With tons of light and air, the inner spaces look brighter and feel cozier. Most importantly, the glass element offers the family the privilege to view the outdoor space, and at the same time protects the privacy of the internal rooms.

Picture of Modern Family Home Design with Plain Cement Exterior

Picture of Modern Family Home Design with Plain Cement Exterior

If there is one feature that defines the charm of this design, it’s the well-designed cross hip roof that explodes with grey tiles and white ceilings in polished workmanship. The style of the assembly matches the exterior walls that look unique in raw cement finish. Actually, this design is a combination of traditional touches and a modern twist.

Picture of Modern Family Home Design with Plain Cement Exterior

Specifications of Modern Family Home Design

This straightforward house plan boasts a functional inner space and a comfortable outdoor space. The usable building space spreads to a verandah, living room, dining area, kitchen, two bedrooms, and two bathrooms.

This design is seamlessly in tune with a modern family who wants a layout of spaces with effortless flow. The stunning front verandah gives the home an established feel, creating an instant feeling of welcome on arrival. You will observe the living spaces in an open concept occupying the front section of the plan, while the private zone settles at the back. The impressive kitchen forms the central hub of the house adding to the spaciousness of the living offering the perfect place for entertaining.

Meanwhile, the separation of spaces features the bedrooms at the back. The master suite with a private bath and walk-in robe sits on the right corner, giving the occupants reasonable privacy. On the other hand, the secondary bedroom is sitting on the opposite corner with its own walk-in closet.

You can also enjoy the comfort of the expansive outdoor living space which is great for various functions. The space with brimming landscaping is best for outdoor dining and can host various events and social functions.

Hope you like this design.

Image Credit: Phakdi Design

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