Minimalist Bungalow House Plan with One Bedroom

Families lie on different planes, at different levels considering the social status. For simple families, simple living is practical. This minimalist bungalow house plan provides simple architectural concepts in a minimalist nature. In fact, the modernity of the details helps minimize construction costs due to less intricate design particulars. This one-storey house focuses on the efficient use of space that generates a larger space. Well, I utilize your skills and creativity to come up with a beautiful and functional design.

Picture of Minimalist Bungalow House Plan with One Bedroom

Specifications of Minimalist Bungalow House Plan

This slim modern design boasts a simple but charming exterior that gleams in a fusion of white, brown, and grey hues that create a casual vibe and homey appeal.  It features a small porch secured by an extended shed roof. Additionally, it is also wrapped up with numerous glass windows in dark brown frames that offer the house a balance of privacy and natural light. Likewise, these glass elements make the inner space comfier with tons of air and light flowing freely.

Picture of Minimalist Bungalow House Plan with One Bedroom

The exterior façade completes its charming appeal with a wooden panel-clad wall, two layers of gable roofs, and exposed exterior walls treated with a mineral plaster finish in a classy white tone. The assembly and connection between elements deliver an exceptional charisma that generates a pleasant character in the house.

Picture of Minimalist Bungalow House Plan with One Bedroom

Specifications of Minimalist Bungalow House Plan

With a small area of 55.0 sq. meters, this one-storey house design successfully delivers a functional layout with complete requirements. The usable building space of a smart layout spreads to a living room, dining room, kitchen, one bedroom, two bathrooms, and a carport.

The straightforward scheme utilizes and maximizes the available space efficiently. In fact, the important elements of a house are excellently spread in four corners: the living and dining rooms in two distinct front corners and the kitchen and bedrooms in two designated corners at the back. The bedroom delights the family with a walk-in robe and a private ensuite with complete amenities.

Despite the plan size, the design provides a carport that sits comfortably on the right corner of the house.

Overall, with lush trees in the background, the comfort it brings, allows the family to enjoy every segment of life.

Image Credit: Nattapon Arpadnok

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