Small Modern-Style House Design in Compact Layout

Embrace the expressions of a small modern-style house design as it portrays grace and style. The exterior concepts of this house are simple yet fascinating. Most families realize that spaces should feel comfortable and pleasant at the same time regardless of the size. The outside façade should look inviting and comfortable for healthy living. Similarly, the interior design and layout that outlines the criteria of how a residential house looks, should also be pleasant. In fact, this design delivers charm and comfort as well.

Picture of Small Modern-Style House Design in Compact Layout

Features of Small Modern-Style House Design

Living in a bungalow can be extremely happy and enjoyable but that depends on the family’s personal preferences and lifestyles. This house looks graceful in a versatile fusion of light grey and brown hues that generate an inviting atmosphere. In particular, this design in cool colors keeps the exterior comfortable and inspiring.

Picture of Small Modern-Style House Design in Compact Layout

Undoubtedly, this modern home although small is an eye-catcher with its trendy and graceful exterior concepts. The external façade shines with grace as defined by the following details:

  • small porch on the main entryway
  • clad wall embellished with natural wood elements and sconce lights
  • glass door and windows with wooden frames that offer a great panoramic view of the outdoor living
  • well-designed flat roof with cement tiles and gypsum board ceiling in a light grey shade
  • exposed exterior walls with a creamy white mineral plaster finish
  • welcoming outside parking space
  • smart interior layout in a compact scheme
  • cozy outdoor living space with a lovely garden, brimming landscape, and shady lush trees in the background that bring comfort to both spaces

Picture of Small Modern-Style House Design in Compact Layout

As can be seen, this bungalow house is stunning with its refined architectural details and assembly. The entire elevation in polished workmanship of the roof and spotless exterior walls exude grace and style.

Picture of Small Modern-Style House Design in Compact Layout

Picture of Small Modern-Style House Design in Compact Layout

House Specifications and Floor Plan of Small Modern-Style House Design

This modern bungalow stands in a lot that measures 6.0 x 8.0 meters.  The usable building space of 48.0 sq. meters spreads to a porch, living room, dining room, kitchen, two bedrooms, and one bathroom.

The small porch gives you access to inner spaces with the living room, dining, and kitchen in an open concept. The main entrance brings you to the dining area and kitchen on the left side while overlooking the living room on the right portion. The two bedrooms of identical sizes of 3.0 x 3.5 meters sit side by side at the back. Both bedrooms enjoy individual walk-in closets. Meanwhile, the lone bathroom settles between the living room and one of the bedrooms.

To sum up, aside from beautiful aesthetics, this design promotes comfort. The spacious, sun-filled outdoor living space bursts in coziness with a lovely garden, a well-trimmed landscape, and lush trees in the background. They shower the interior with tons of natural air and light bringing the space to an enjoyable level.

Additionally, the comfortable outdoor space is a functional venue for social functions. Providing a table and chairs will make the space perfect for outdoor and informal dining, especially at night.

Image Credit: Sam House Plans

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