Contemporary Elegant House with Brimming Outdoor Living

Contemporary home designs are plentiful and continue to grow immensely, along with their popularity. In fact, you can observe them scattered everywhere, lined up in all corners, and still are preferred by most families. Moreover, their designs vary from simple to the most glamorous with versatile combinations of different building materials. Additionally, the layouts are functional and flexible and they can be customized according to specific needs and wants. The perfect example is this regal contemporary elegant house with grand appeal.

Picture of Contemporary Elegant House with Brimming Outdoor Living

Features of a Contemporary Elegant House

This home design focuses on uniqueness and elegance. A versatile fusion of grey and brown hues creates an imperial façade and cool vibe and a homey appeal. Particularly, this design in soft shades keeps the exterior fascinating.

Undeniably, this sophisticated house plan is the epitome of grace and elegance. Aside from aesthetics, it offers comfort from external to internal spaces. Actually, you can simply open the glass doors and invite tons of fresh air to flow freely inside, making it comfier.

This contemporary elegant house plan excels brilliantly with extraordinary elements that join together to create a marvelous residence. The house stands stylish as defined by the following remarkable features.

Picture of Contemporary Elegant House with Brimming Outdoor Living

  • an elevated gorgeous verandah embellished with grey marble stones, well-defined columns accented by veneer stones in grey color, and secured by a hip roof
  • clad wall with a unique brick pattern design in a grey shade
  • corner columns with accents of natural stone elements in brown tone
  • white-colored outline finishes on the columns and windows perimeters in the external façade adding an extra punch to the house’s character
  • sliding brown-tinted glass doors in white frames serving as the main entryway to access the inner spaces
  • carefully placed brown-tinted glass windows in white frames installed in appropriate locations where plentiful sunlight and air penetrate inside for comfort
  • impressive, well-designed cross-hip roof assembly with grey tiles, and ceilings
  • spacious outdoor space with a beautiful garden, well-trimmed landscape, and lush trees in the background that shower the interior with tons of air bringing the internal spaces to a pleasant level

Obviously, the refined workmanship of the roof and exposed exterior walls are the highlights of this modern design.  Consequently, the masterpiece exudes class, style, and elegance.

Specifications of a Contemporary Elegant House

This modern design stands on a lot with a usable building space of 171.0 sq, meters. The layout spreads to a verandah, living room, dining room, kitchen, three bedrooms and two bathrooms.

Picture of Contemporary Elegant House with Brimming Outdoor Living

Comfort and style are the gifts of this elegant house. The entire elevation is enveloped with glass elements that heighten the aesthetic value and offer comfort as well. Equally, the spacious outdoor living space also floods volumes of air that make the interior comfier.

Perched in a beautiful location, the outdoor space is a perfect spot to soak up the sun and relax in the charms of the surroundings. Similarly, providing tables and chairs will be best for outdoor dining and coffee breaks, especially at night.

Image Credit: Design and Construction Contractor for Lampang

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