Sun-filled Contemporary Home Plan with Grand Visual Appeal

Contemporary house designs have evolved into great dimensions as expressions of modern homes. In fact, their features and personality never go out of style. They continue to amaze homebuyers with better-quality designs and concepts. This sun-filled contemporary home plan is a stunning and peaceful modern two-story house plan. With superb grand visual appeal, it induces surprise, as well as peace, while keeping it perfect and offering all the comforts the family needs.

Opting for a double two-story house and building upwards is practical because you have more space to utilize more efficiently. This house design allows you to create individual and private spaces between zones. It is amazing to find this home that bursts in a blend of white and grey tones. The color mix generates a pleasing atmosphere and keeps the exterior captivating.

Picture of Sun-filled Contemporary Home Plan with Grand Visual Appeal

Features of Sun-filled Contemporary Home Plan

Indisputably, this home plan has a reasonable space that is ideal and functional for a bigger and growing family. This sun-filled contemporary home plan offers the following features making it stand magnificent:

  • elevated small porch as the main entryway to the inner spaces
  • balcony on the upper level secured by steel guardrails and accessible from the master suite
  • sliding transparent glass doors on both floors and glass windows both in white aluminum frames installed in appropriate locations
  • spotless exterior walls with mineral plaster finish in classy white and grey tones
  • well-designed cross-hip roof assembly with grey tiles and white ceilings
  • garage with dark grey marble tiles
  • smart and well-designed interior layout
  • inviting spacious outdoor living space with a brimming landscape

This modern home is stunning and comfortable.  The airy outdoor space floods the interior with tons of natural air. Similarly, perfectly designed with all the comfort and convenience of the family, it is surrounded by lots of glass elements providing natural light – making the house brighter. Equally, the outdoor space with a lovely landscape also supplies volumes of air that make the interior more comfortable.

Perhaps, one of the most remarkable features of this house is the well-designed cross-hip roof assembly with grey-colored tiles and white ceilings. Meanwhile, the exposed exterior walls in spotless white and tones exude class and finesse.

Specifications of Sun-filled Contemporary Home Plan

This home design offers a cool and homey yet casual ambiance that is perfect for everyday living, and entertaining. The design stands in a property lot that measures 11.20 x 12.50 meters and a building space of 7.0 x 7.50 meters with a usable area of 125.0 sq. meters for both levels.

Picture of Sun-filled Contemporary Home Plan with Grand Visual Appeal

The ground level spreads to a porch, living room, dining room, kitchen, bathroom, and carport. Your family will love this home with the living spaces in a free-flowing concept on the right side. In fact, the great room is comfortable with lots of natural light and air transmitting through the glass. With lots of comforts, the space is perfect for family entertainment. Meanwhile, the inviting carport finds its comfortable spot on the left corner of the house.

Picture of Sun-filled Contemporary Home Plan with Grand Visual Appeal

Along your journey, you will observe the staircase on the left side that will drive you to the upper floor. The entire floor hosts the private zone of three bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a balcony.  As you set foot on top of the staircase, you will observe two secondary bedrooms occupying two corners The front section, on the right corner, hosts the master suite carefully-planned with a full bath and walk-in closet. The secondary bedrooms also enjoy individual huge walk-in robes and other conveniences. The other corner on the left is the common bathroom.

With a cozy outdoor living space, you can enjoy any family activity anywhere. The space which is provided with a table and chairs is perfect for outdoor dining, especially at nighttime.

Indeed, this is a splendid house design everybody would love to have.

Image Credit: Trendy Home


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