Home Interior Design of Sophisticated House Plan

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It is a fact that every family wants to own a personal house. Certainly, the reasons are for privacy, security and freedom. The question is: What type of house would perfectly please a family?  Of course, the final choice depends on the family’s financial capacity. Anyway, Pinoy House Designs offers a unit which definitely will be liked by most families. Come and check the features of home interior design of sophisticated house plan.

Picture of Home Interior Design of Sophisticated House Plan

Innovations in designs in residential architecture ascend to new heights. In fact, the faster the computer technologies are devised; the faster the stride in house designs advanced. The lifestyle as well as current trends visible around us justify the level of the modernizations of designs. Truly, this home interior design of sophisticated house is just a validation of the above statement.

Picture of Home Interior Design of Sophisticated House Plan

At the present time, most households embrace the details of contemporary styles. Obviously, this is because they realized that adequate benefits are available in these types of homes. In fact, modern homes feature elements like spaciousness, aesthetically beautiful designs, lots of rooms for customization and being environmental friendly.

Picture of Home Interior Design of Sophisticated House Plan

Home Interior Design of Sophisticated House Plan – Features

The contemporary plan with home interior design in feature is an excellent residence that owns the above-mentioned characteristics. That’s is to say, this is a proposed model that will definitely catch the eyes of many homeowners. To breakdown the features, here are the notable elements:

  • elevated front porch with marble tiles
  • flexible, open layout and comfortable living spaces
  • small terrace with steel perimeter fence
  • three bedrooms and two T&B
  • wall-sized sliding glass door with color blue tint
  • concrete masonry exterior wall fitted with silicone plaster in wedgewood & metallic blue and pearl shades
  • two assemblies of flat style roof
  • lovely exterior façade with blend of pastel colors
  • impressive and stunning interior design and concepts
  • inviting two-car garage with well-defined rectangular columns and perimeter ceiling frame
  • beautiful outdoor space for entertaining family and guests
  • attractive space for landscape purposes to promote green building

Picture of Home Interior Design of Sophisticated House Plan

Home Interior Design of Sophisticated House Plan – Description

The house in feature is revelation of style, uniqueness and sophistication. in fact, the unit which will stand powerful in any housing lot has a space of 208.0 m². This contemporary house is made excellent with a spacious living room, dining room, three bedrooms, modern kitchen, two units of T&B and a car garage.

Picture of Home Interior Design of Sophisticated House Plan

The residence opens with an open porch leading to the living room through the front door. The space has plenty of natural air and light penetrating through the sliding glass door. This house is elevated from the main grade line to heighten the aesthetic appeal. Consequently, the practical idea brings the overall elevation looks taller which delivers an extra charisma.

As can be seen, the overall character of this house from the front elevation is a clear manifestation of a contemporary residence. Primarily, the design execution came up with refined architectural finish. Secondly, the technical details are extraordinary which cannot be seen from most of the modern residences. Moreover, the choice of materials and layout is exceptionally unique and stylish. To add more, the choice of colors like wedgewood blue, metallic blue, pearl, orange and white is both striking and pleasant to the eyes. Lastly, the assembly of flat roofs superbly defines architecture to a high level.

Home Interior Design

The interior comes out in a free flowing concept between the living spaces creating high degree of mobility and accessibility. On the other hand, the private zone offers a different level of freedom and independence. The internal walls are painted in pearl color creating consistency with the exterior façade. The ceilings shine with similar color and furnished with chandeliers.

Meanwhile, the kitchen oozes with considerable appeal. The design is modern with black marble slab. There is an adjacent counter for quick meal services. It looks even brighter with an excellent ceiling with pearl shade and sufficient lightings. The dining room is only few paces away which is a great idea for accessibility.

The bathroom on the other hand looks elegant just like the other sections of the house. It shines with genuine fixtures and accessories. Promoting consistency, it blows up with the same paint color.

To sum up, this house conveys style, aesthetics, sophistication and functionality which are trends in today’s residential architecture.

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