Modern Bungalow House Plan with Hip Roof

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Are you planning to buy or build a new home? What type of house are you trying to invest? Generally, when we decide to have our house, we envision that to be our residence for life because of various reasons. Therefore, a smart decision is to spend money once for a lifetime investment. Take a glance at the featured house – modern bungalow house plan. Can you consider this to be your precious property?

Bungalow-style homes are increasing in their popularity every single day. Why do we say so? Actually, they have multiple benefits that suit a wider range of households and suits numerous lifestyles. Getting to know more this type of house: a modern bungalow house plan most of the times is an open design to save space. Secondly, since bungalow house plan is one level, the accessibility is higher than those with limited mobility. Thirdly, maintenance activities are easier to do and correspondingly, with lower costs. Therefore it is an additional savings.

Picture of Modern Bungalow House Plan with Attic

Description of Modern Bungalow House Plan

As can be seen the house in feature registers an elegant appearance – the style is outstanding, the workmanship is refined, the paint is very cool and pleasant and the overall façade bursts excellently. Let me introduce the unit. It is built in a land area of 200.0 m² with the following features:

  • elevated scheme from the natural grade line
  • comfortable terrace with balustrades
  • prominent round pillars in the front elevation with cream tone
  • glass front door
  • segmented glass window panels with white aluminum frames
  • prominent multiple assemblies of hip style roof
  • magnificent interior design and concepts
  • well-defined overall exterior façade with overflowing features

Picture of Modern Bungalow House Plan with Attic

The living room shines with quality fixtures and furniture in a fusion of white, brown, cream and dark grey colors. Consequently, the effect is a pleasant and comfortable atmosphere.

Picture of Modern Bungalow House Plan with Attic

Here is a view of the family room where in contrast is a little dramatic with the choice of materials, setting and concept.

Meanwhile, the kitchen is very contemporary in design while the dining room looks accommodating. You can really observe the sophistication in the interior design and concept.

On the other hand, the bedroom is far from the concept of the exterior, but in a similar fashion is also elegant and stylish as the other rooms of the house.

The amenities & furniture and arrangement reveal a different level of taste and character. What a clever concept.

House Specifications

  • terrace
  • living room / family room
  • dining room
  • kitchen
  • two bedrooms
  • two bathrooms
  • garage

Once again, here is a beautiful house which will magnetize most homeowners.


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