Country House Plan with a Wooden Design

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Living in a simple way is not difficult to achieve. In fact, sometimes it’s a nice feeling to experience an adjustment of environment and atmosphere. A transformation from noise to tranquility. And likewise, it is pleasing to get rid of the busy city life. Well, when boredom strikes, leave the city and enjoy life in a country house plan with a wooden design for comfort.

Picture of Country House Plan with a Wooden Design

This country house plan can be excellent for families in the countryside communities at low level income. Similarly, it can also be a vacation house for families living in the metropolitan areas who wants to swing a demanding cycle into quietness. Anyway, whichever case, the unit is a perfect place, obviously, for health reasons.

Front and Right Side Perspective

Picture of Country House Plan with a Wooden Design

As can be seen. the country house plan is simple yet lovely and compromises comfort considering the type of house and location. Actually, private properties will be best to accommodate this house. Certainly, a simple house like this built in the middle of the farm, is a good stress reliever.

Front and Left Side Perspective

Features of Country House Plan with a Wooden Design

The outstanding features of this wooden country house plan includes the following:

  • an airy and comfortable balcony with benches
  • three bedrooms – master’s and two secondary units – one bedroom can be converted into a living room
  • dining room and kitchen
  • one unit of T&B
  • terrace at the master’s bedroom
  • combination of flat and hip roofs
  • spacious inviting atmosphere

Close-up view of the Terrace

Picture of Country House Plan with a Wooden Design

Description of Country House Plan with a Wooden Design

This wooden country house plan best suits in a lot away from the city whose main purpose is to offer a serene environment and perfect freedom. Actually, the house is constructed in an elevated scheme so the structure will stand higher aside from giving additional character. The design offers stairs on the way to the roomy balcony with wooden benches.

Right Side Elevation

From there, the kitchen welcomes you with the dining room just adjacent to it. The private zones of three bedrooms of this house sit around the dining room. The master’s bedroom is on the left of the dining room with a terrace which is visible in the front elevation. Meanwhile, the secondary bedrooms stay on opposite sides of the dining room. Actually, you can convert one room into a living or family hall. One unit of T&B is also provided to serve the entire house.

Rear Side Perspective

Front Top Perspective

Floor Plan

Picture of Country House Plan with a Wooden Design

To sum up, the great advantages of this wooden house are the location, cost of constructing the unit and health benefits being environmental friendly.

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