Two-Storey Wooden House Design with Interior

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Let us accept it. Undoubtedly, we can’t get rid of wooden houses. Decades have passed and still, the desire for wooden house design is in the running and getting more popular. Actually, this type of house is common and best in rural community settings. And presently, designers live on coming up with new innovations and designs.

Wood is still very much in demand. In fact, getting into a wooden house is a clever choice. A wooden house is warm, durable and has a unique character. Moreover, timber being one of the oldest material is sustainable and yields a wooden house which is eco-friendly and comfortable. Additionally, the popularity of a wooden house design is on the rise everywhere in the world.

Picture of Two-Storey Wooden House Design with Interior

Choosing a wooden house design offers lots of benefits. Firstly, it is eco-friendly and healthy to dwell in. Secondly. It is easy and fast to build and has lower maintenance. Thirdly, timber is the world’s greatest renewable resource while wood is an important natural thermo-protector material. Moreover, these house types are environmental friendly and cost effective.

Picture of Two-Storey Wooden House Design with Interior

Features of Two-Storey Wooden House Design with Interior

The house in feature is a two-storey design with concrete in the ground floor and wood structure in the first floor. Its features include the following:

  • open family hall in the ground floor with brown bricks and wooden table & benches
  • wooden columns and beams
  • living room with marble tiled flooring, rattan sofa and white painted wall
  • wooden stairway and balustrade
  • open balcony with wooden railings in the upper level
  • two bedrooms with wooden panels, translucent door and large windows
  • one bathroom
  • complete hard wood structure in the upper level
  • airy kitchen in white tones
  • flat type roof
  • lovely garden of plants and fruits
  • inviting landscaping and serene environment 

Picture of Two-Storey Wooden House Design with Interior

Description of Two-Storey Wooden House Design with Interior

This wooden house design has two floors, a combination of concrete in the ground floor and wooden structure in the upper level.

The upper level is a complete space of comfort especially in the balcony which is filled with plenty of air ventilating the entire shelter. The plants and trees around the house are very inviting and supports green living.

Picture of Two-Storey Wooden House Design with Interior

The ground floor is designed with brown marble tiles and concrete wall in white paint. The space is furnished with matching furniture out of rattan. Meanwhile, the staircase and wooden balusters matches the floor in a brown color.

One of the bedrooms shines in wooden wall panels, translucent glass door and large windows. These features burst as they serve as medium in supplying plenty of air that makes the surroundings comfortable.

The second bedroom also gleams with brown flooring, twin beddings, white painted wall and large windows as well. The room looks very tidy and is also comfortable because of the large windows.

Meanwhile, the kitchen offers its share of style which glows with interior concepts of brown marble floor, white marble counter, brown cabinets and wall in white tone.

Overall, living in a two-storey wooden house design in location like this will offer the best rural life benefits. The house is overflowing with character and comfort.

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