New House Plan of a Classy Bungalow Residence

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Nowadays, there are satisfactory reasons to appreciate the benefits of modern bungalow house designs. The world is blasted by climatic changes which disturbs every aspect of our existence. In today’s housing demands, to have space, privacy and energy is a challenging task to achieve. Nevertheless, there are techniques to attain these essentials, and this is exactly what a new house plan of a classy bungalow residence will offer.

Picture of New House Plan of a Classy Bungalow Residence

The prime objective of this new house plan bungalow residence is to offer a relaxed atmosphere and at the same time being energy efficient. A good-looking family house, the design has an exceptional layout and connection between the outdoor and indoor concepts. The home set-up is in a green environment, therefore, it positively supports the health and well-being of the family.

The model plan in feature is a one storey bungalow house with contemporary theme. In fact, this is just one of the most common houses that is representing the present times. Truly, the overall layout is simple but it exudes style and character.

Picture of New House Plan of a Classy Bungalow Residence

Features of New House Plan of a Classy Bungalow Residence

A residential unit that stands in a green environment, it offers lots of benefits. Actually, it is highly recommended to most families who wants to experience comfort as well as healthy living.

Serving satisfaction, the new house plan offers the following remarkable features:

  • Elevated platform and stairs in grey colored marble tiles
  • Small open porch
  • Comfortable living spaces
  • Three bedrooms and two bathrooms
  • Modern L-shaped kitchen with snack bar for easy meal services
  • Wall-sized sliding glass door with transom
  • Glass window facades with white aluminum frames
  • External walls with brick tiles in light brown color
  • Well-defined square columns accentuated by natural stone tiles with brown shades
  • Outside walls fitted with mineral plaster finish in pastel color
  • Hip style roof out of tegula tiles in maroon color
  • Inviting and airy garage
  • Spacious outdoor space for recreation and entertaining family
  • Proposed garden and landscaping to support green living

Picture of New House Plan of a Classy Bungalow Residence

Description of New House Plan of a Classy Bungalow Residence

The outdoor living space of this environmental setting that surrounds the structure is a perfect place to relax. The casual surrounding has plenty of air that can ventilate the interior of the structure through the glass medium. Meanwhile, the design has to be constructed in elevated scheme so the house can look higher in elevation. The stairs with grey marble tiles adds prominence to the overall style of the structure.

The exterior façade looks proud with admirable details. The square columns shine as they offer support to the stability of the building. Additionally, the sliding glass door and window panels serve to be great medium for keeping the interior comfortable. As can be seen, the front exterior wall stands out with unique use of brown brick tiles. Making it even stylish, the design came up with a smart use of the hip style roof with maroon tegula tiles.

Picture of New House Plan of a Classy Bungalow Residence

Overall, the residential house delivers one such sophisticated architecture as displayed by the blend of striking pastel colors that shine exceptionally.

For the meantime, the interior concept is simply an extension of the external features in terms of style and execution. The living spaces are designed in an open layout to promote accessibility. The following details define the elegance of the interior:

  • Refined finishes
  • Blue colored walls
  • Lovely curtains
  • Coffered ceilings with perimeter lighting
  • Modern kitchen with black marble tiles
  • e T&B: the flooring with brown parquet tiles while the wall has white tiles decorated with mosaic patterns

To sum up, this residential house absolutely defines style, comfort and functionality most families will really love.

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