Picture of Stylish Contemporary Split Level Home Design

Stylish Contemporary Split Level Home Design

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Do you own a sloping property lot? Well, if you are building a new home in sloping lot, then a split level type of residence could be a perfect choice. In fact, you can utilize it without disturbing the original contour of the lot by considering a contemporary split level home design built on it. You save money and at the same time offer you a unique design different from normal houses.

Because of its nature, a split level home design offers privacy, space and durability which separates it with other houses. Likewise, if there are problems with multiple flight of stairs especially for the elders, the concept of having few stairs offered by split level homes is of great advantage. Moreover, this type permits separation of spaces that offers a relaxed and informal setting as well as allowing family members to carry out different activities.

The featured split level home design stands is a property lot that measures 17.80 meters wide and 16.27 meters long that yields an area of 289.61 sq. meters. This dimension offers a unit with 208.40 sq. meters usable space. The building space distribution corresponds to: living spaces – 162.1 m², garage – 33.90 m², alfresco – 9.90 m² and porch with 2.5 m².

Picture of Stylish Contemporary Split Level Home Design

Description of Stylish Contemporary Split Level Home Design

This residence sits relatively perfect for the slanted lot of four bedrooms that contains plentiful of great features. It is smartly zoned with the living spaces on the left section and the night zone on the right. The living spaces is designed with an open and free flowing scheme. On the other hand, the night zone is with a high level design of privacy.

The left part also includes a media room made comfortable by the presence of the alfresco which supplies enough fresh air for ventilation. The courtyard is also accessible from the living spaces through sliding glass doors, thus making the space airy and relaxed. With spacious area and amenities, this split level home design will suit a family of 5-7 members.

As can be seen from the plan, every space looks independent. The concept certainly allows every member of the family engage in individual activities without disturbance. Consequently, the residence does not only look functional but energy efficient home as well. A study room functions as a family room or gathering space for the family at night times.

The exterior façade of this contemporary split level home design is simple but stylish with mineral plaster finish wall in telegrey shade coupled with wood finishing. The shed roofs in opposite orientation between the day and night zones fairly match the overall appearance of the front façade. Reasonable sizes of glass window facades in double orientation added appeal and are enough to make the interior comfortable.

Floor Plan of Stylish Contemporary Split Level Home Design

Picture of Stylish Contemporary Split Level Home Design

An amazing and spacious floor plan, the design hosts a complete set of elements. A small front porch provides a perfect welcome to the long aisle. The living spaces take few steps up to the right, while the night zone takes few steps down. The living and dining rooms look very intimate at the end of the plan. They have access to the spacious media room and alfresco through glass doors.

The kitchen with a galley and walk-in pantry flows freely to a large living and dining areas. The plan living at its finest also features a snack bar for quick and easy meal services.  Meanwhile, the media room at the center is perfect at its place. You can enjoy a casual conversation or recreation and entertainment room. On the other hand, the alfresco could offer an informal dining space and extension for recreation. The plan also provides the laundry services at the back of the carport.

The sleeping quarter stands with high definition of privacy and independence layout. The master’s suite with expansive walk-in-robe and compartmentalized ensuite with double shower and tub dwells on the end corner. On the other hand the three secondary bedrooms occupy the front of the house. They enjoy individual walk-in-closets, while sharing a common bathroom. The study room is on the most comfortable place providing a great access to all bedrooms.

Completing the split level home design is the two car-garage with sectional remote control occupying the left corner of the house.

Indeed, this split level home design takes full advantage of all available space. The design is spacious delivering both friendly and high privacy layouts within the spaces. It is something unique and different.

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