Double Story House Design with Prominent Veranda

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Are you planning to buy or build a house? If so, then what type do you prefer to purchase? Generally, everyone wants to have their own house. But we know as well that everything lies in a budget and financial capacity. The decision between a one or two story home can be a complex choice. Anyway, PHD offers a double story house design with prominent veranda if in case you decided to go for a two story residence. Two of, if not the most important deciding factors are size and location.  Take a look at this design.

Living in this century is identical to appreciating a contemporary life. Subsequently, it’s like being in a modern home with the best benefits a residence can offer. We are in a period where space, energy and privacy are difficult to attain. But then, with this double story house design, you will achieve these benefits while also making a lifetime investment.

Picture of Double Story House Design with Prominent Veranda

Description of Double Story House Design with Prominent Veranda

Space is a substantial component in building or buying a house, and this is what this double story house design is offering. In fact, most home owners would prefer a home that stands out from the rest. Undeniably, the exterior concepts and interior layout of this residence will amuse you.

The house in feature will be good in any housing location, but it will be best in urban community because of its characteristics. The house utilizes 260.0 m² with sufficient space to accommodate all elements wisely. In effect, the application of a free flowing concept will be smart as the space is sufficient. The front exterior appearance in a fusion of cream, grey and brown shades establish a cool and pleasant feeling. So refreshing to the eyes.

Picture of Double Story House Design with Prominent Veranda

The exterior façade outstandingly shines with the architectural details from the materials, detailing, layout, color tones, construction and fixation. The combination of rectangular and semicircular windows create an impressive concept. The other elevations have exterior walls fitted with mineral plaster finish in a mixed of white and grey paints. Glass windows on appropriate locations play the role of supplying enough light and air ventilating the entire building.

Picture of Double Story House Design with Prominent Veranda

One of the highlights of this residence is the very prominent veranda which is accentuated by brown stacked stones and a separate grey hip style roof. A spacious area, this is a good introduction to the house as a welcome place for everybody. The design composed of square columns, recessed white ceilings with lights and colors create a classy character.

Picture of Double Story House Design with Prominent Veranda

The Interior Concepts and Design

The elegant hallway door looks comfortable with marble tiles, tidy interior walls and recessed ceilings with a consistent shade of oyster white.

Picture of Double Story House Design with Prominent Veranda

The wooden brown door with slim glass insertion shines prominently which is eye-catching. Additionally, the lighting assembly with chandelier glows as they supply sufficient light in the area.

The consistency of paint on the interior s amazing, while the contrast brown color from the door to the stairs establishes a unique combination. Overall, the blend is very cool and pleasant.

The interior design in the upper level is an extension of the ground level as to concept except that the flooring uses marble tiles in brown tone. It also looks refined and pleasing.

The modern designed kitchen bursts with black counter slab and matching grey wall tiles. The entire kitchen showcases a taste of elegance.

Meanwhile, the spacious bathroom looks stunning with concept being accentuated with genuine fixtures and accessories. The design shines more with the crazy cut wall tiles, grey and brown floor tiles and black marble tiles.

Features and House Specifications

This double story house design has the following specifications:

  • veranda
  • living room
  • dining room
  • kitchen
  • four bedrooms
  • three bathrooms
  • parking lot
  • space for garden and landscaping

Definitely, this double story house design with prominent veranda is a masterwork of design which exudes with exceptional features. What more can you ask for?

Credit to the owner of design: The Best Home

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