Contemporary Style Home with Spacious Garden

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Are you ready to buy or build a new house? What should you consider to proceed with the decision? Generally, these are common questions that every household would ask themselves. For many people, to own a home brings a sense of pride that cannot be matched by renting. Yes, to have your own house is the best, but everything lies within the budget. Anyway, whether you buy or build, this is one recommended house which I believe many households will prefer – a contemporary style home in a spacious garden.

When you buy or build your own house, the layout of your home is probably the most significant choice you will ever make. This holds through with all types of shelter, an apartment, condominium or a house. Certainly, the size of the space is a secondary factor as the layout depends on the size. Additionally, the layout will be the basis of introducing your lifestyle and character.

Picture of Contemporary Style Home with Spacious Garden

Description of Contemporary Style Home with Spacious Garden

The house in feature is a trend in modern day architecture – a stunning contemporary style home sitting at the middle of a spacious garden. Definitely, the setting offers a very comfortable environment thus, promoting a healthy living. As can be seen, the entire house shines – the setting, the details, the colors and shades, the lights and projection.

Picture of Contemporary Style Home with Spacious Garden

Actually, the house is of average size only. The features include a raised elevation from the natural grade line allowing the unit to look bigger and stand higher. One of the trademark of this residence is the concept of providing glass medium around the entire structure. Since the purpose of this house is to issue a high level of comfort, then the use of big glasses is perfect in keeping the interior well-ventilated.

Picture of Contemporary Style Home with Spacious Garden

The front exterior façade glares with glass sliding door and glass window panels, both with white aluminum frames. The external face appears so pleasant with a fusion of white, grey, brown and maroon tones. Certainly, the product is a cool atmosphere which delivers a classy character. Another highlight of the design is the hip style roof assembly of clay tiles in maroon color with fascia board in grey shade.

The other elevations bear similar details; with the exterior walls treated with mineral plaster finish in grey shade. Glass windows dominate on appropriate locations for aesthetic appeal and ventilation purposes. The foundation of the elevated part in brown color is an additional accent to the overall bearing of the residence.

Floor Plan and House Specifications

This contemporary style home with spacious garden has the following specifications:

  • porch
  • living room
  • combined dining room and kitchen
  • two bedrooms
  • two bathrooms
  • driveway and walkway
  • garden and landscaping

The floor layout features an open porch at the middle of the front elevation leading to the living room through the sliding glass door. Since the size is small, then the spaces are designed properly to make them more functional. The living spaces settle on the left portion of the plan while the private zone of two bedrooms sit comfortably on the right side of the design.

Indeed, a lovely and stunning design that will be an eye-catcher to most homeowners. Not only that the house is aesthetically beautiful but earth-friendly as well.

Credit to the owner of design: Next Space Design

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  • Jenkins Monzey says:

    i saw this design created by you all and would love to have the full design/ blueprint if it is still available. Let me know how much you are charging for it

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