Trendy Three Bedroom Elevated House Design

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Have you seen one of the trendiest house of the present times? Take a peek on a popular feature model today – a trendy three bedroom elevated house design which I believe will be preferred by most homeowners. One storey homes offer more flexibility in designing as compared to multi-level homes. Actually, the reason is that combined space can serve numerous functions. Likewise, most single storey residences utilize free flowing concepts which increase flexibility and accessibility.

Single story houses are considered to be the current trends and are bounded to offer the following benefits: wider appeal, strong investments, with lower cost and easier maintenance, lower overall costs and better use of space. Furthermore, the other advantages include open planning, better accessibility, easier renovations and energy-efficient.

Picture of Trendy Three Bedroom Elevated House Design

Description of Trendy Three Bedroom Elevated House Design

The plan in feature is a trendy three bedroom elevated house design which is best suited for an average-size family. This stylish residence stands in a house lot area of 105.0 m² that includes three generous bedrooms. The exterior features a combination of concrete and enormous amount of glass from doors to windows in white aluminum casements.

The exterior looks well-designed with an open porch with columns accentuated by stacked stones in grey. Furthermore, the external walls looks prominent in a combination of brown stacked stones and in grey and cream mineral plaster finish. The extension of the hip roof in the porch offers an additional character to the building.

Picture of Trendy Three Bedroom Elevated House Design

As can be seen, the modern house looks very calm and pleasing. The exterior façade shines excellently with a blending of white, cream, grey and brown colors. In fact, the fusion creates a charismatic appeal that increases the overall character. One of the highlights of this house is the hip style roofing assembly with grey clay tiles which obviously defines stability and prominence.

Picture of Trendy Three Bedroom Elevated House Design

The other elevations carry consistency with regards to materials, details, layout, and paints. The idea of building the unit with raised elevation is a clever concept to allow the house stand higher. Sufficient glass windows look  great on proper locations to ensure that enough light and air are penetrating to comfort the interior of the structure.

Picture of Trendy Three Bedroom Elevated House Design

The unit has a hinged glass door in a blue shade tint in white aluminum frames, the size of which is impressive for keeping the inside well-ventilated.  The porch with brown marble tiles and bench can serve as extension of family gathering place.

The Interior Design and Concepts

While entering the house, you will see the main family hall which is fairly spacious. The floor shines with marble tiles in light grey tone that looks so pleasant.

Elsewhere, the kitchen with a modern setting looks stunning with black marble slab. Activities in the area will be enjoyable as the room has plenty of glass windows that will keep it very comfortable.

Meanwhile, the bathroom justifies elegance and consistency in a blend of black and grey wall tiles. On the other hand, the flooring complements the space in light brown tiles. Completing the bathroom are the fixtures and accessories with the best quality.

Features and House Specifications

This three bedroom elevated house design has the following specifications:

  • porch
  • living room
  • dining room
  • kitchen
  • three bedrooms
  • two bathrooms
  • driveway and walkway
  • space for garden and landscaping

Indeed, how nice is it to love in a residence with combined style sophistication and comfort.

Credit to the owner of design: PT Home

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