Picture of Classy 3-bedroom Single Story Home with Roof Deck

Classy 3-bedroom Single Story Home with Roof Deck

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A house will always stay as the most precious asset that every family treasures. In fact, it is a very valuable possession because it signifies the status symbol of a household. We all know that it is not easy to buy or build, because it has to take financial capacity and stability in getting one.  However, Pinoy House Designs continues to offer a variety of plans with different styles that will cater all level of families. To enumerate, the site contains a wide range that includes single, two story, modern, contemporary, small and a lot more. Additionally, the site also features designs with floor plans as well as beautiful interior concepts. In essence, these ideas serve as choices or references whenever a family decides to buy or build a house. Meanwhile, the design for reference this time is a classy 3-bedroom single story home with roof deck.

What are the features that most people prefer? In as much as we want to evade the cost factor in building a house, the fact remains that is markedly the most important element to be considered. In other words, we can inject the features we want in a chosen design if we are financially stable. Anyway, this classy 3-bedroom single story home with roof deck will definitely be one that families would like to have.

Picture of Classy 3-bedroom Single Story Home with Roof Deck

Features of a Classy 3-Bedroom Single Story Home with Roof Deck

The floor area of this classy 3-bedroom single story home with roof deck is 107 square meters. The house projects a friendly layout and including the following features:

  • Floor area: 107 m²
  • Porch / garage
  • Sit out
  • Living room
  • Dining room
  • Bedrooms – 3 units
  • Toilet – attached – 2 units / Detached – 1 unit
  • L-shaped kitchen with marble counter tops / Storage
  • Work / Service area
  • Staircase
  • Roof deck

Picture of Classy 3-bedroom Single Story Home with Roof Deck

Description of a Classy 3-Bedroom Single Story Home with Roof Deck

The plan features a porch /garage connecting in front of the sit out. The main door opens from the sit out to the living room with quality furniture. Two bedrooms flank the living room, one to the right at 45 degree angle and the other directly to the left. Observing some touch of privacy, a partition separates the living from dining room. They are directly opposite to each other. The third bedroom sits to the left of the dining room while the kitchen stays adjacent to the right. While two T&B’s are attached to the bedrooms, the third one is below the staircase to the roof deck. The service area located beside the kitchen is very functional. While the roof deck is a bonus area, this can also serve as recreation space, function hall for family activities or social gatherings.

The exterior facade looks simple but exudes class and elegance. The length, width and height of the structure are well-proportioned. The porch / garage is designed as additional area in front of the house which adds appeal to the overall appearance of this home. The gable roof secures the porch and strengthened by columns accentuated with black and grey stacked stones. The colors white and dark grey created a harmonious blend. White dominates and complimented by the dark grey shades on the roof and window frames. What a lovely combination. Moreover,  green landscaping creates a unique admirable atmosphere when blended with white and grey.

This house will certainly look even more elegant by using a different color or combination. You can try the shades like peach, grey, blue, beige, flesh or combination. Why not experiment and see how the appeal will turn this unique design into a classier residential house.

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  1. Sergio Mendoza

    How much will this cost?

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  3. Katherine Mae Pabalinas

    How much is the estimated cost of the house?
    What is the minimum lot requirement?

  4. Apple M

    Hello, how much will this cost for Conservatively Finished Budget? Can i talk to someone to get any blueprint and estimates.


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