Picture of Cool one story residential house with roof deck

Cool One Story Residential House with Roof Deck

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Living a simple life only requires a small home to own and coupled with simple needs to live happily. The simplicity of life gives us more opportunities to be more creative and flexible. As a matter of fact, living simple and small really allows us to carefully consider what we have in life. Likewise, it confines us to decide on our choices about what we actually need and what we don’t need. In view of this statement, Pinoy House Designs offers cool one story residential house with roof deck which represents a shelter for a modest family who wants to appreciate the spirit of simple living.

Picture of Cool One story residential house with roof deck

Features of the Cool One Story Residential House with Roof Deck
  • Porch / Garage
  • Sit out
  • Living Room
  • Dining Room
  • Kitchen
  • Attached T&B – 2 units
  • Bedrooms – 2 units
  • Staircase
  • Roof deck

Picture of Cool One Story Residential House with Roof Deck

Description of Cool One Story Residential House with Roof Deck

This cool one story residential house with roof deck requires 84 sq. meters floor area to build. The plan features a porch/garage connecting to a small sit out. The main door opens from the sit out to the living room furnished with the appropriate furniture. One of the bedrooms stays adjacent to the right, while the other bedroom rests at 45 degrees to the left of the living room. The dining room is planned directly opposite the living room and beside the kitchen. From the kitchen, a service area can be a future expansion. One T&B sits on one of the bedrooms while the other is located below the staircase. Meanwhile, the roof deck can serve some purposes like recreation space, function hall for family activities or social gatherings.

This house has a very simple exterior facade. The porch / garage has a separated flat roof and reinforced by strong columns accentuated with stacked stones.  The white paint used for the whole exterior and ceilings look classy. Simple as it looks, white signifies purity and cleanliness. And that is to say, the image that this house projects. However, this unit is open to be painted with other colors like beige, peach, grey, blue or combination that would please the owner. Moreover, adding little shades either close or in a far from range from white will make this design more appealing. This house will be a good subject for experimentation from exterior to interior.

Due to the fact that this model home is small, requires less material to use and correspondingly, lesser cost to build that makes it affordable to have.

Simpler, more economic and practical, this house design is highly recommended for families who are looking for a simple life.

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