4 Tips to Scratched Window Glass Repair

scratched glass
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Did you know that glass is one of the best materials for making windows because it is 100% recyclable? It transmits 80% of natural light into your home as well without distorting it. Moreover, Glass has a smooth glossy finish making it easy to clean. Alternatives to glass exist. One of them is polycarbonate sheeting which is more transparent than glass is. Another one is plexiglass. However, glass is less costly than these alternatives are. Therefore, taking care of damaged glass items makes more sense than replacing it with other materials does. Doing so is also cheaper than replacing them with new windows made of glass. Here are 4 tips to scratched window glass repair.

  1. Repair It with Toothpaste

Toothpaste has multiple uses besides using it to brush your teeth. For example, it removes certain stains from clothes and carpets. Using toothpaste to fix a scratched window glass is also possible. Clean the affected area and then clear it of lint and dirt. Squeeze a bit of toothpaste onto a lint-free cloth. Press this bit of toothpaste onto the scratched area and then wipe this area with the toothpaste. Wipe it in a circular motion for thirty seconds. Repeat this process until the scratch disappears or shrinks to a manageable level. Clean the glass one more time to complete this process.

  1. Clean It with Baking Soda

Clean the glass with a lint-free cloth. Take two equal parts of water and baking soda and put them in a bowl. A spoon of each substance is sufficient for this process. Stir these substances into a mixture of thick paste instead of large clumps of soda. Pick a bit of this paste with your lint-free cloth. This cloth should be clean. Rub that paste onto the scratched area on the glass. This rubbing motion should be circular. Do that for thirty seconds. The scratch should have disappeared by this time. Repeat the same process again if the scratch is still there.

  1. Buff It with Metal Polish

A metal polish refers to a product that restores the gloss, reflection, and shine of a particular surface. In most cases, the treated surface is metallic. However, you can use metal polish on non-metallic items as well including glass windows. Start by cleaning the glass. Use a microfiber cloth or a cotton ball to pick a bit of polish. Rub this polish onto the scratched glass surface. Rub it in a circular motion for thirty seconds until the scratch disappears. Wash off the polish and then clean the glass again. Remember, repeating this process is unwise because using metal polish excessively often leads to additional scratches.

  1. Fix it with Nail Polish

More than 104 million women use nail polish in the US. Interestingly, many of them do not know that scratched window glass repair with nail polish is possible. Men have no clue as well. Here is how you do it. Clean the glass with a lint-free cloth. Dip the applicator into clear nail polish. Then spread the nail polish over the affected area. Rub it into the glass with the applicator. Minimizing the applicators contact with the unaffected areas prevents further damage to the window. Let the polish dry for at least one hour. It will seep into the scratch and then dry. Use a nail polish remover to remove the nail polish that is on the surface of the affected area. Then wipe the area with a clean cloth.

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