4 Tips to Sanding Your Wood Floors

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Sanding your wooden floor is a way to reveal the inner beauty that is hidden in wood. Sanding is a way of getting that smooth feel on your wooden floor and make them very attractive. The misconception that people have is that you only sand your wood one time. However if you are looking for the perfect feel in wood then you have to sand your wood as often as possible. The process of sanding wood can be done by floor sanding Gold Coast or you can do it by yourself. Regardless of how you choose to do it, these are some of the tips that you need to have at hand.

  1. Measure the floor

This is the first step that you need to do is know the size of the floor. This is because this way you will be able to determine the number of sanding belt that you. It is very frustrating that once you start sanding you have the number of sanding belt you need. Measuring the floor allow you to get all the materials you need before the sanding process can begin. Measuring the floor will also help in determining the kind of manpower you need or the time which you need to work on it?

  1. Check the grit sequence

The other very important thing that one needs to do is to check the grit sequence. The common misconception that most people have is that all kinds of wooden floor are sanded the same way. This is not entirely correct as different wood are gritted differently. Before you can start sanding you have to figure out where the grit start and this becomes your basis for sanding. An important tip to keep in mind is depending on the degree of damage to the wood the larger and courser the grit.

  1. Number of passes

The sanding process is measured by the number of passes that one does. In most cases and for most sanding process one will use at least three different passes. The number of passes will greatly depend on the kind of floor. It is recommended that the 30 to 40 grits should go on your first part. On the second pass, on should utilize 50-60 grits sandpaper. On the third pass, the number of grits should be 80-100 grit passes. By using these three main numbers of grits then you can be assured that you will be getting a smother wooden floor.

  1. Check the sandpaper frequently

The next most important thing that one needs to do when they are sanding the floor is to keep checking the sandpaper. This will depend on the kind of sandpaper that one has and the kind of floor that they are working on. When working on a hard and course floor, checking the sandpaper needs to be frequent. This is because they may get torn much quickly. Frequent check allows one to change the sandpaper and get a more efficient outcome.

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