Three-Bedroom Bungalow House with Sophisticated Theme

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Are you dreaming of living in an elegant house? I believe that everybody would love to, if given the opportunity. Well, the desire of finally getting into your dream house – a three-bedroom bungalow house will be amazing. In fact, the offers of this model house are extremely stunning. As can be seen from the perspective photo, the style and sophistication are highly visible. But then, what makes this house a stunning masterpiece? Picture of Three-Bedroom Bungalow House with Sophisticated Theme

The entire exterior facade of the house stresses a stylish design using clean, strong contemporary lines. The L-veranda in a raised scheme with sufficient area exudes with distinction in grey marble flooring tiles and wooden benches. The front garden, landscape and rectangular foot path offer extra sophistication. Additionally, the green atmosphere supports energy efficiency.

This three-bedroom bungalow house delivers consistency and pleasantness with a mix of soft colors of light grey and cream the entire structure. Moreover, one excellent feature of this house is using glass from doors to windows which is a smart concept in keeping the inside comfortable. The pillars around the veranda with grey shades provide a touch of prominence and character. The most significant feature of this unit is the choice, design and style of the roofing assembly – segments of hip roof with grey colored tiles.

Picture of Three-Bedroom Bungalow House with Sophisticated Theme

Additional Features of Three-Bedroom Bungalow House

A unique residential house, it also features a dining table in front of the house that can serve as informal diner, space for coffee breaks or easy and quick meals for family and friends. Furthermore, this house has a spacious livable space of 186.0 sq. meters that fits a family of 5 – 6 members. The external walls are treated with mineral plaster finish in grey tone with a darker grey shade on the bottom outline.

Picture of Three-Bedroom Bungalow House with Sophisticated Theme

The right side exterior looks very prominent with: exterior walls in grey mineral plaster finish, strong pillars with accents of grey natural stones and a stylish flat roof assembly in cream tone. Overall, the exterior façade of this model plan is a picture of gentleness and pleasantness. The use of blend of grey and cream colors deliver a higher level of sophistication.

Specifications and Floor Plan of Three-Bedroom Bungalow House

The following identify the specifications of this sophisticated house:

  • inviting veranda
  • living room
  • prayer room
  • dining room
  • spacious modern kitchen
  • three generous bedrooms
  • two bathrooms
  • informal outside diner
  • spacious garage

A spacious veranda introduces the house leading to the living room through a sliding glass door. The design offers a free flowing concept between the living room, prayer room and dining room. Consequently, the plan offers flexible mobility. At the back of the design is a very spacious kitchen with accents of wooden frames above. In fact, this concept delivers a comfortable setting to the inside where sufficient volume of air can penetrate. Meanwhile, the master’s bedroom sits on the front left corner, while the secondary bedrooms occupy the opposite corners of the design at the back  Elsewhere, a spacious car park is at the right side of the plan with a separate flat roofing.

Indeed, a design as smart as this model at the middle of a garden lawn, living will be definitely enjoyable and comfortable.

Image Credit: Phongsaton Papakdee

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