Single Storey Contemporary Home Plan in a Garden Lawn

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Customarily, choosing a house to buy or build is complicated especially if the main issue is financial capacity. Questions like: what type and style will I go for? What is the lot size or where will I build one? Normally, these are common questions that every household would ask themselves. For many people, to own a home conveys a sense of pride that cannot be matched by renting a unit. If there are no issues and concerns, PHD would like to recommend a single storey contemporary home plan which will stand outstandingly in the middle of a garden lawn.

Picture of Single Storey Contemporary Home Plan in a Garden Lawn

Unquestionably, the house in feature will be loved by most homeowners because of the healthy benefits it offers being in the spacious garden. In fact, either buying, renting or building your own house like this house will not only bring you family-related benefits, but also abundant supply of clean air.

Picture of Single Storey Contemporary Home Plan in a Garden Lawn

Description of Single Storey Contemporary Home Plan

The design featured today is a hot trend in modern day architecture – a contemporary style concept with a livable space of 120.0 sq. meters. The features include a raised elevation from the natural grade line allowing the unit to look higher. One of the brand of this design is the concept of providing ample amount of window glass medium on appropriate locations. Since the objective of this house is to issue a high level of comfort, then the use of glasses is perfect in keeping the interior well-ventilated.

The exterior façade glares with glass door and glass window panels, both with dark grey aluminum frames. The external face appears so pleasant with a fusion of white and grey shades. Moreover, the choice of soft colors and clean application added an extra sophistication. Undoubtedly, the result is a cool atmosphere which delivers a classy character. Additionally, another highlight of the design is the well-defined cross hip roof assembly of clay tiles in grey shade as well.

Features of Single Storey Contemporary Home Plan

The features of this single story contemporary home plan include the following:

  • raised elevation scheme from natural grade line
  • open porch with grey marble tiles
  • exterior wall with in mineral plaster finish in grey and white tones
  • living room
  • dining room and kitchen
  • three bedrooms
  • two bathrooms
  • front lawn with rectangular footpath
  • spacious and lovely garden and landscaping

The floor plan layout offers a high level of privacy. As can be seen, the layout offers a simple porch leading to the living room which is accessible through a sliding glass door. The dining and kitchen share a common space at the left corner of the design.  Meanwhile, the master’s bedroom and one secondary room occupy the back right corner, while the other bedroom sits on the front left corner  of the plan. The proposed garage can be built separately either on the right or left front corner.

Overall, with a spacious, lovely garden around this house, living here residence will be very healthy.

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