Compact 3-Bedroom Concept in Trendy Shed Roof

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Provided that you have a reasonable space or lot for your house, living comfortably is achievable. One of the smartest features of a house is to have an extra space especially in front which could be used as an extension like a veranda or terrace. The house in feature – a compact 3-bedroom concept has an L-shaped veranda and a spacious landscape which is perfect for a healthy living.

Picture of Compact 3-Bedroom Concept in Trendy Shed Roof

It is always interesting to have a veranda as an extension where it could as a family gathering venue or a place for entertaining guests and friends. One of best venue for relaxation especially if it’s open, the comfort it brings is undeniably healthy. Similarly, with plants and trees in the surroundings is an additional coziness.

Picture of Compact 3-Bedroom Concept in Trendy Shed Roof

We are featuring a house here in a raised elevation scheme and a higher ceiling which definitely is a plus factor considering the aspect of pleasantness. In fact, high ceiling offers an immediate sense of space, and light. Thus, the comfort it brings is very pleasing.

A unit that carries a uniform comfort both in the exterior and interior, it has the following remarkable features:

  • raised elevation scheme allowing the house to look higher giving a more distinct charm and personality
  • front open L-shaped veranda with a separate shed roof with the garage
  • big-sized sliding glass door in dark brown aluminum casements
  • glass window panels with dark brown aluminum frames installed on appropriate locations
  • exterior wall with mineral plaster finish in grey tone
  • stylish wooden cladding in brown color
  • trendy shed roof which is more cost effective to use
  • inviting walkway and driveway
  • spacious and lovely garden and landscaping

House Specifications and Floor Plan of Compact 3-Bedroom Concept

The residence in feature boosts an L-shaped veranda in elevated scheme that looks inviting with brown marble tiles and wooden bench which is perfect for relaxation. It leads to the family room through sliding glass door. As can be seen, the living spaces display a free flowing concept which promotes flexible mobility. Meanwhile, the master’s bedroom sits on the right section of the plan, while the secondary bedrooms settle on opposite corners of the left side of the design. The carport sits comfortably in a wide space on the right section of the house plan.

A lovely house that occupies a living space of 140.0 sq. meters, it includes the following specifications:

  • veranda
  • family room
  • dining room
  • kitchen and service area
  • three bedrooms
  • two bathrooms
  • carport

Indeed, a house with the above features, the comfort of living is very achievable.


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