High Ceiling Modern House Design of 3 Bedrooms

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Imagine yourself a visitor in a residence with high ceilings. Certainly, the first thing you will notice is the space above you which seems very different from most of the houses you have seen. In fact, there is the immediate sense of space, air and light. The atmosphere and ventilation is at different level because of the height itself. Additionally, the comfort it brings is very pleasing. Discover the amazing features of this high ceiling modern house design.

Picture of High Ceiling Modern House Design of 3 Bedrooms

Why go with a high ceiling modern house design in the first place? By simply looking at the house, it will of course deal with a higher cost of construction. Anyhow, let us recognize the following  benefits of high ceiling residences.

  1. Aesthetically speaking, high ceilings are more appealing. They are elegant and luxurious as well.
  2. In warmer climates, it’s easier to cool homes with high ceilings.
  3. A high ceiling house makes the residence more energy-efficient.
  4. The resale value of the house is higher.
  5. They deliver versatility for a diverse decorating ideas.
  6. They permit you to be more creative like modifying internal concepts that fits your character and lifestyle

Picture of High Ceiling Modern House Design of 3 Bedrooms

Description of High Ceiling Modern House Design of 3 Bedrooms

The house in feature has a floor dimension of 11.00 x 15.50 meters or 170.50 sq. meters. The design has three generous bedrooms and two bathrooms serving the entire residence. This unit is comfortably built in a surrounding where comfort is at high level because the space is with gorgeous landscape across the perimeter of the unit.

The entire front exterior of the house stresses a stylish design using strong geometric lines. Meanwhile, the open porch with a separate flat roof is very comfortable. The concept allows it to supply enough air to the interior through the sliding glass door with dark grey aluminum frames. Moreover, the outside façade looks cool with a blend of traffic white, brown and grey shades.

The exterior walls around house are fitted with mineral plaster finish with traffic white tone and grey outlines. Similarly, the entire building is provided with large glass window panels which are great medium in providing efficient ventilation to the interior. Beside the dining room is an informal diner on the right side for informal meals which gives extra space for gatherings.

Floor Plan and House Specifications

The house in feature at this article carries a distinguishing character having a high ceiling. Its features includes the following:

  • open porch in elevated scheme
  • spacious living room
  • dining room and informal diner
  • modern kitchen
  • three bedrooms
  • two bathrooms and a shower room
  • open garage
  • flat and shed types of roofing assembly
  • garden and landscape

To sum up, the high ceiling concept and a green atmosphere bring this house to a different level of comfort, aside from being environmental friendly.

Image Credit: TP5Home

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