Simple One Story House Plan with Creative Woodwork

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Have you ever visited in a residential house with high ceilings? Undoubtedly, the first thing that you will notice is the space above you which seems to be different from most of the houses that you have seen around. Actually, you will observe an immediate sense of space, air and light. The atmosphere and ventilation is at different level because of the height. Also, the comfort that houses like this simple one story house plan will be very pleasing. Check out the features of the model of this model house.

Picture of Simple One Story House Plan with Creative Woodwork

By the way, why select a high ceiling house design in the first place? Well, obviously these houses will incur a higher cost of construction. Nonetheless, let us distinguish the benefits of high ceiling residences.

  1. High ceilings are more appealing in aesthetics which are elegant as well.
  2. In warmer climates, it’s easier to cool homes with high ceilings.
  3. Houses with high ceiling are more energy-efficient.
  4. In terms of reselling, value of the house is higher.
  5. Decorating high ceiling houses are more versatile.
  6. They permit you to be more creative like modifying internal concepts that fits your character and lifestyle

Description of Simple One Story House Plan with Creative Woodwork

The house in feature offers a simple but stylish design, the characteristics of which are different from most of the houses that we see around. It has a small porch and wall-sized sliding glass door that offers great ventilation to the interior of the house. Similarly, big window glass panels are installed in front with the same purpose of keeping the interior pleasant. One of the significant features of this house is the use of intricate woodwork serving as blinds and cladding. Consequently, this unique concept makes the house an epitome of style.

Meanwhile, the remaining external façade is treated with mineral plaster finish in cream shade. The blend of soft colors of brown, grey and cream registers a pleasant atmosphere. Elsewhere, a two car garage with a separate flat roof offers a wider appeal. Meanwhile, The hip roof assembly shows burst in prominence with grey tiles.

Picture of Simple One Story House Plan with Creative Woodwork

Floor Plan and House Specifications

The house in feature carries a unique character with the following specifications:

  • open porch
  • living room
  • dining room and modern kitchen
  • two bedrooms
  • two bathrooms
  • garage
  • garden and landscape

The design with a usable living space of 90.0 sq. meters has three generous bedrooms and two bathrooms serving the entire residence. The living spaces occupy the right section, while the private zone of two bedrooms owns the left segment of the plan. As can be seen, the living spaces are in a free flowing concept which offers more flexible mobility. Meanwhile, the two-car garage stays at the right part of the design.

Overall, this unit as comfortably built in a green surrounding has comfort at high level because the space is with gorgeous landscape which is environmental friendly.

Image Credit: Lhong Khao Architecture and Construction

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