Modern Minimalist House Design with 3 Bedrooms

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We love modern and contemporary homes for their smart design and curb appeal. Architects and designers continue to push the envelope and reimagine how we live by using close-fitting angles with a mix of curved surfaces, floor-to-ceiling picture windows, and innovative design. In fact, contemporary living follows a few principles that define its simple aesthetic: open-floor plans, clean lines, minimal clutter, and a neutral color palette. Consequently, the modern minimalist house design in feature today is a symbol of today’s residential architecture.

Picture of Modern Minimalist House Design with Three Bedrooms

Modern homes are popular because they have broken the mark when it comes to changing architectural styles. As can be seen, this modern minimalist house shows a clear emphasis on clean, simple lines and the connection between the outdoors and indoors. This design utilizes soft colors that offer warm and pleasant appeal. In fact, the overall architectural design from materials to fixation is very refined and sophisticated.

Picture of Modern Minimalist House Design with Three Bedrooms

Features of Modern Minimalist House Design with Three Bedrooms

A very gorgeous residence, it has the following characteristics:

  • elevated open veranda with blue painted steel railings
  • sliding translucent glass door with blue aluminum frames
  • translucent glass windows in blue frames as well installed on appropriate locations
  • brown wooden cladding
  • red lattice on the front left section
  • exterior walls treated with white mineral plaster finish
  • base wall, corners and eaves in blue color
  • combination of flat and shed roof assemblies
  • inviting walkway
  • lovely garden and landscaping

Picture of Modern Minimalist House Design with Three Bedrooms

House Specifications

The following are the integral components of the model house:

  • veranda
  • living room
  • dining room and kitchen
  • three bedrooms
  • one bathroom

Picture of Modern Minimalist House Design with Three Bedrooms

Picture of Modern Minimalist House Design with Three Bedrooms

Interior Design and Concepts

The living room looks very tidy with brown floor tiles, white painted walls and ceilings, and a good choice of furniture in brown shade.

Picture of Modern Minimalist House Design with Three Bedrooms

As can be seen, the living room feels very comfortable as big sized glass door supplies sufficient light and air.

The bedroom carries the same level of elegance as the other spaces, with light brown flooring, red carpet, white walls and ceilings, grey bed and grey furniture.

The space really shines in tidiness and exudes a unique level of sophistication.

Meanwhile, the bathroom equally displays elegance with white floor tiles, white and brown walls matched by genuine accessories and fixtures.

The Floor Plan

This modern minimalist design has a usable livable space of 80.0 sq. meters with three bedrooms. The veranda leads to the living room through a sliding glass door which offers great ventilation to the interior of the house. The living spaces offer more flexible mobility because of the free-flowing concept. On the other hand, the private zone has the bedrooms scattered on three different corners of the design. Due to the small area, one of the bedrooms can be converted into a kitchen and service area.

Overall, this modern minimalist design holds a strong emphasis on individuality. The design truly offers the comfort and freedom that most families require.

Image Credit: Mayer and Construction

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